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Jul 20, 2012 07:02 AM

Decent bread/country loaves/baguette in Charlottetown/PEI?

My family's had a cottage in lovely rural PEI for nearly 30 years and we've been enjoying the province for even longer making the trip from Montreal to PEI nearly every summer. In that time we've seen the food and drink amenities expand greatly and we can now make a biweekly trip into Charlottetown and find nearly all of our grocery needs!
However, we can be quite picky when it comes to bread as we are very spoiled here in Montreal with numerous upscale (mainly French style) bakeries. Because we've had disappointments in the past we often bring a stash of our favourites with us and keep them in the freezer, but I figure that there must be some hidden gems out there that we have not yet discovered, no? Does anyone know of a bakery with grainy crusty country loaves or lovely traditional baguettes? I used to live in Halifax an so I know these places can be found outside of Montreal :P (I loved and even work at Juliien's bakery) so we'd love to give some guidance for giving local bread another chance!

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  1. I see nobody has responded yet, so I have (maybe) some acceptable news. I live in Halifax; over the last year or so, Superstore has really increased their offerings of Ace breads. While its not going to rival Juliens (mmmm) it is much better than any other grocery store bread, IMO. If you don't find a great bakery, that might do.

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      Thanks CanadaGirl,
      I forgot to mention it but that's usually where we buy our bread once we've exhausted our "stash"! Their baguettes are okay but their bread in general still leaves a bit to be desired.
      I'd love to try something local if I get a suggestion... Anyone?

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        I concur that the Ace bread at Superstore would be the bread of choice. Interesting breads at the farmers market Saturday a.m. in Charlottetown. A void waiting to be filled.