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Jul 20, 2012 06:49 AM

One Night In ATL - Work Dinner Suggestion

Hi everyone! I'm going to Atlanta for my first time for work and am looking for a suggestion for a fantastic dinner. Upper end of the price range is ok. The problem will be balancing my tastes with my bosses. I like the new, hot restaurants, the big chef names, etc. My boss is pretty old-fashioned and doesn't care about that stuff, he just wants a good meal in a not-too-stuff environment. If anyone's familiar with New York, Il Tinello is his favorite restaurant. Is there anything like "upscale BBQ?" I realize this is kind of a schizo description, but if anyone has any thoughts I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Born and raised NYC--- lived here 25 years now, but when working went here everyweek.Sounds like he likes Itailan--my fav not too stuffy spot is Priccis--they have an incredible ossobucco Its in Buckhead and has an excellent menu and service---not to give you too many choices, but another spot whci is close to the neighborhood Italian i had near me in the Bronx is Alfredos--its been there forever, not fancy but very good real Italian, red sauce kind of place--may need res at either place---good luck

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      Thanks Bob, appreciate the tips. He does gravitate towards Italian and steak house. I'm more French/steak house.

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        i meant to tell you ive been to that Rest in nYC i think its on west side in 50s right. Priccis is very similar to that--the other spot is if hes a native from one of the outer boroughs itll remind him of a real NYC neughborhood restaurant--theer are plenty of decent places here, not nowhere near the number of places you find in NYCMy fellow Chound folks get tired of my next recommendation, but to me the best steak place is McKendricks--its alot like Keenes near the garden--with wine itll run 100/person but it s areal NYC steakhouse,with a great prfessional wait staff.. I think Bones is close but i dont see the service staff the same quality there

    2. I'm gonna have to go with Canoe or Blue Ridge Grill. Neither is stuffy, in my opinion. Both put an emphasis on fresh food with a Southern flair, e.g., the Georgia caught trout at BRG is outstanding and one of my go-to dishes there.

      1. I like the ideas of Pricci and Blue Ridge Grill. What about Woodfire? That might hit both your desire for hot chefs, but still be classic food that your boss would like. Although I think you still have to book weeks out to get a reservation, though I haven't checked lately. What part of town are you staying in?