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Jul 20, 2012 06:14 AM

Liz Marden Bakery has closed -- where, now, to get a great birthday cake?

I just read in the Kennett Paper that the Liz Marden Bakery, which had recently moved from Hockessin, DE to Kennett Square, has suddenly closed. This is a disappointment because the cakes that came out of that kitchen were truly incredible. Liz Marden recently baked the wedding cake for Joe Biden's daughter's wedding and was featured in the national media. The shop was an asset to the community and to the great town of Kennett Square, and will be missed.

So now I'm left wondering where in Southern Chester County or northern Delaware I should go for a birthday cake we'll need in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Sweets to You by Ginger (north Wilmington) does great cakes--not quite as fancy-pants as Liz Marden, but extremely tasty. I don't think they have a website but their FB page is

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        They closed in Kennett too? Huh. If you want a fabulous cake (but not really necessarily a birthday one). Sweet Somethings on Union St. in Wilmington has fabulous white chocolate cake with raspberry filling. They also have a decadent (i.e. fattening) chocolate silk torte. Lee, the owner, is a great guy and I am sure he would do a nice traditional cake if you want. BTW-he does desserts for a lot of local restaurants...he's that good.

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          I've heard of this place although I've never been in. Another great suggestion. Thanks!

    1. Hiya Cindy! To be honest, I'm not a big cake fan and have changed over to pies with a single candle.although today is my wife's B-day and I did mini cupcakes.

      The pies at Northwoods, or H. Haskell's place on Route 100 South (mentioned in another post so I think you know it.....just after you cross over the Brandywine), are always a hit. Don't know if Pete's on 926 has them, but everything else there is good.

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        Hiya, FCF! I'm not usually a cake-eater, either, but this will be a birthday brunch and it just feels like a cake is called for. A friend of mine suggested asking at Talula's if they can do a b'day cake. Clair Shears is a CIA-trained pastry chef, and it certainly doesn't hurt to ask.

        I'm assuming you meant Northbrook and not Northwoods. Yes, I've had their pies and they're really quite good. Thanks for mentioning Haskell's. I was going to head over to Pete's for corn and tomatoes a little later today, but I think I'll go to Haskell's instead. I recently learned that they offer a discount to Longwood members -- another good reason to go.

        Happy birthday to your wife!

        Oh... and on a whole other topic (sorry moderators, but while I have FriedClamFanatic's attention, I MUST ask) -- is there a clam shack in the Downeast Maine (Lubec) area that you'd recommend?

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          Hi, all. Please post Downeast Maine suggestions on the Northern New England board: You can leave CindyJ a brief pointer here, so she'll know where to find the thread. We try really hard to keep posts on the boards where other folks expect them to be. Thanks so much.