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Jul 20, 2012 05:14 AM

Franklin's BBQ in Austin-The BEST bbq anywhere

Back to Austin for a visit to Franklin's (and work) this past Wed. Will try to attach a shot of a chopped bbq sandwich, topped with sliced sausage and cole slaw.. Line starts at 10am opens at 11am and the food is often "sold out" by 130p. Once you've sampled this bbq, the flavor, the tenderness of the meats, the smell, and sight,, the experience is not soon forgotten..

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  1. You know this is about to get moved to the Austin board, right?

    I think your sandwich is called The Tipsy Texan.

    What time did you get there and how long was the line?

    Next time try John "Captain Stabby" Mueller's on S 1st.

    He taught Aaron and Aaron is still using his old pit.

    If you can get a beef rib at Mueller's, do that.

    P.S. YOU can just see a piece of Aaron's head over the guy-in-the-white-shirt's hand in your third photo. He's a great, engaging guy who talks to everyone. Certainly doesn't make the line go any faster tho'...

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      Franklin's has come up in discussion on the Houston board on occasion so I wanted the post to stay put, here (austinites know pleny about Franklin's). I arrived around 1230p on Tues.. the week prior I arrived at 115 and they were already sold out! I only had a 45 minute wait as the line then snaked in and outside. They had run out of turkey and ribs at that point.. I tried Mueller's on a prev visit.. While eating at Franklin's an Austinite and criminal defense atty sat down across from me to share the table.. When I mentioned Mueller's he said the Q at Franklin's was far better.. I've spoken to Aaron several times starting from when he was operating out of the trailer on the frontage rd/35 location.. He and his wife are great folks.. I've had bbq from many places, including the world bbq cook-offs in Memphis (btw, i prefer Franklin's over The Rendezvous restaurant in Memphis) and it just doesn't get better than Franklin's! Its a good thing I live 100+ miles away....

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        On the subj of BBQ, the Texas Monthly BBQ festival is sched sept 23rd in Austin. All the who's will be there incl from houston,,,, drum roll pls,,,,, Goode Co!! General admission tics go on sale July 26th at 10am.

    2. There are two types of people in this world. Those who argue who has the 2nd best BBQ in the world and those who have never been to Snow's.

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        They'll all be under one roof at the BBQ fest. Let the boasting, I mean basting, begin!!!

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          A big 10-4 on Snow's. I've not been there but I've ordered their brisket online and it is the best. Arrives frozen but proper thawing and heating returns it to top-o-the-line. Their sauce (included) is also amongst the best I've had.

        2. Number 17 in the top 20 most important restaurants in the US. Hmmm. Cochon is on there too and we skipped it during our last trip to NOLA because of less than enthusiastic reviews.


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            Fun!! I made it to 4 restaurants on the list! And I'm standing by my Franklin's pick btw (as it has raised the bar on bbq that i thought was not possible).. Had dinner with a group a month ago at Cochon in New Orleans and it was great! Don't know if it ranks top 20 or not but I plan on a revisit.. Open, airy with view of the kitchen, in the Warehouse district. Ck it out..

          2. Franklin's has bottled their bbq sauces and selling retail at some HEB's.. I picked up a bottle of his Espresso and Texas Style sauces in 12.5oz bottles at the HEB on Dunlavy and Alabama Sts for $3.79ea. I actually prefer Franklin's BBQ without sauce so as not to mask the true smoky flavor of his deliciously cooked meats. BTW, I returned to Goode Co BBQ on Kirby about a month ago after a 5yr haitus. Absolutely the worst BBQ anywhere. Even the terrible Goode Co bbq sauce could not serve as a suitable cover. Whole Foods on Waugh does a way better job with BBQ!