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Jul 20, 2012 03:46 AM

Recommendations around Independence Boulevard in Charlotte?

Hi Hounds!

My husband and I are picking up a used car from one of the delaerships in Charlotte on Independence Boulevard. When we were there last week, I saw a pho place and some sort of south american place out of the corner of my eye in the neighborhood of the dealership. Not sure of the names of either. Can anyone here confirm or deny greatness, or have any other recommendations in that general neck of the woods?

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  1. Independence is a long road, but in general, Central Avenue is close by. Along Central, in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood, are lots of great places...Lulu, Crazy Fish, Midwood Smokehouse, Intermezzo, Bistro La Bon and others. Also in the general area of Independence is a great Vietnamese place, Lang Van and hole in the wall middle eastern place, La Shish Kabob.

    Inside Super G Mart, a large Asian grocery store on Independence,, is a Korean restaurant that I haven't tried but have heard is very good.

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        There's a great pho place in the shopping center where Super G is (right by Carmax). A little further up, by the new Super Wal-mart, is an excellent Mexican place called Las Margaritas. You can't go wrong with either.

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          Have any of you tried Macchu Picchu? I'm curious about that, but not sure if it's worth it!

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            I tried Macchu Picchu and was not impressed at all. In that area, Azteca has great Mexican, especially the Chef's Specials section (Don Juan Special, Pollo Con Crema, Camarones Mexicanos, all are excellent dishes). Angela's Italian is on Margaret Wallace, just off Independence (there's a thread floating around full of well-deserved raves for the place. Their vodka sauce is wonderful.). Also Picadeli's is a great deli that serves draft beer (The Philadelphia, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the chili cheese fries are all great. The manager, George, is a sweetheart and loves to talk beer). Fortune Cookie III is in the same shopping center as the Super G and is a great choice for delivery (great honey chicken and crab rangoon). There's also a great Chinese place on Pineville Matthews Rd, just off of Independence, called Dynasty Cuisine (behind the Fudrucker's. This place offers Dim Sum on the weekends and also has some pretty spectacular Szechuan dishes). Hope this helps!

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              Hey LGT - these are all great ideas, especially that vodka sauce at Angela's. Regarding Dynasty Cuisine - do you know if their dim sum includes soup dumplings?

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                They do have the xiao long bao at Dynasty. More soup than the version at Dim Sum restaurant.

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                  Seriously? I don't see it on their menu.

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                    It was on the dim sum cart when we went. It is listed on their menu as shanghai small dumpling.

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                      Thanks vttp. We went over the weekend. Unfortunately I did not share the enthusiam of most of the reviewers on Yelp. Geez. I wonder if we were at the same restaurant. I rarely have service that's bad enough to comment on but even my 15 year old said something about ours. She spoke perfect un-accented English but barely whispered. We were one of only two table in a huge restaurant but I couldn't hear a word she said. We ordered soup, the soup dumplings and two other dishes. All of us received less than hot soup. We would have asked for her to bring us more but she was no where to be found. The soup dumplings were a bummer. They had way too much soup in the them and it all spilled out as soon as you took a bite. Which wasn't a big deal because there wasn't a lot of flavor in the soup. I didn't even finish my second one. I was really disappointed. Still, thanks for providing the info.

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                        I have not read the Yelp reviews but apparently people took offense to my review on them after commenting to a Creative Loafing article about them. And our service was horrible to the point where we were like we don't even want to come back there. But I bought a half off depot deal for them a couple weeks ago and is waiting until I can redeem it and hopefully it will be better. I don't really like soup dumplings though maybe I haven't found a good one.

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                          I finally went back today for dim sum and to use my 1/2 off depot deal. The service was much better today but still will be nothing compared to dim sum. We had 3 in our party and they didn't even bring us another plate or chopsticks for the 3rd person in our party. We had to wait for a little while before the cart would even come to our table especially since we were in the corner of the restaurant. It was actually easier for me to request items that I did not see on the cart and the girls brought it over fairly quickly. The only reason why I would return to Dynasty would be for the Roast Pork Pastry otherwise I will still to Dim Sum Restaurant because they have more of my faves like jellyfish and other menu items like salt and pepper shrimp and what not.

      2. We wound up going to Machu Picchu (without having seen the replies here) and actually really enjoyed it. We went with dishes off the traditional platters page because hey, when in Rome, etc. Nothing fancy, but really good, and not quite like anything else I've ever had....

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          Thanks for the report. For anyone interested a Machu Picchu just opened in Pineville, in the shopping center at the corner of 51 and Polk. I assume its the same owners.