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Jul 19, 2012 11:44 PM

Kitchenaid 250watt standmixer

I'm considering a standmixer... Primarily because itd look nice... ;p

I'm looking at the kitchenaid 250watt for $200 (plus a 10% off coupon in the paper). Ive been reading amazon reviews and itseems that this particular mixer has a lot of motor issues for "heavy use". I don't bake much bread (or any). I intend to use it for pulled pork and meringues and I don't think I'll use it more than a two or three times a week. Would this be considered regular use? I'm notentirely sure of what constitutes heavy use.

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  1. You shouldn't have any problems. Bread dough puts the most strain on a Kitchenaid mixer. Batters, meringues and even pulling pork don't put any undue loads on the mixer. It should run without problems for years. Your described use I would call light use.

    1. When you read online reviews, remember that users are more likely to write one if they have a complaint. Take that information with a grain of salt! Check the return policy of your seller to be sure you are comfortable with it.

      1. If you do heavy bread dough, it won't last.

        Meringues, cake and pancake batters, cake icing, and similar things won't cause you any problems.

        1. Have one and love it! It's something I NEVER thought I'd buy... not a BIG baker. When SIL bought one, she RAVED about it. I was thinking... a big investment for me, since I don't use a mixer all that often. She send me home from Thanksgiving dinner with it to play with... with STRICT condition that I return it the following weekend. I made double batches of 4-5 differnt kinds of cookie doughs, with butter barely soft, in no time. Only down side I saw was a double batch tossed some of the flour all over the place, but I'm one who generally makes a bit of a mess.

          I returned her mixer and splurged on one for myself. During cooler weather, I use it almost once a week to make dough for home-made pizza. Thiinking as long as you're not makinig MANY batches of heavy bread dough, you should be FINE.

          One of my greatest thrift store finds has been a "vintage" KA stand mixer. Kinda faded yellow, crank up/dow model with paddle, dough hook & whisk... larger capacity than much new one. Frist thought, WHAT do a need with a second one? BUT when I pulgged it in and it ran very smoothly AND was only $20... brought it home with me. I cleaned it up really well, taped off everything and spray painted it flat black with paint meant for outdoor gas grill.

          What I like best is that you just kind WATCH stuff come together... no physical work involved! I say, go get one!

          1. 250 watts should be fine for occasional home use, which is what it sounds like you are describing.
            I have a 300 watt KSM90 that I bought about 15 years ago and I use it weekly (but rarely for bread, maybe 1-2x/year) So far, no issues.
            For $200, the price seems right. Enjoy it.

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              The older ones have steel gears which makes them more durable. The new ones seem to have reverted to steel gears too after Kitchenaide sold the brand name and they had a lot of problems with the cheaper plastic components.