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Jul 19, 2012 09:31 PM

has anyone tried any of these wines from the Food and Wine article?

Other than more common brands like Ravenswood, Louis Jadot and Castle Rock Pinot Noir, Kenwood, SKN, Perrin I haven't tried any of them.

Wondering if anyone is familiar with any of them and if they're worth looking for?

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  1. They look like "generic" wines from large producers.

    Probably quaffable and good enough for mid-week sausage grilling, but I would not rush on to buy a case of them.

    EXCEPT :

    Get hold of the "Raisin Gaulois" from Lapierre.... We had some in our local monopoly and more or less sold out in a day or two.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      second this. the wine is light in body with great aromatics - floral and red fruit. complex and IMO absolutely delightful. better than any duboeuf bojo i have ever had in the past 20 years. tell your wine merchant that kermit lynch is the importer and you may still be able to find some.

      1. re: jock

        i think i can find it at a local wine shop in town called Monopole. thanks for pointing this out. I used to live in Berkeley so i'm definitely familiar with Kermit Lynch.

      2. re: Maximilien

        i went to the wine shop to buy this wine and somehow ended up walking out with a 2009 Dos Minas Malbec. After back and forth with the wine shop guy he determined that I was more suited for a less fruit forward wine. At $12.99 this wine is great. Since i'm not great at describing wine tastes I'll let Jason from his wine blog review it for you. However, i will be going back for the Lapierre next week for my weekly bottle and won't get swayed next time!

      3. <2009 Banfi Col di Sasso ($9)
        A well-priced, cherry-scented Cabernet-Sangiovese blend.> it's a good everyday wine, and works well for large parties (such as weddings). Actually quite tasty.

        2009 Coltibuono Cetamura Chianti ($11)
        Tangy berry flavors define this charming entry-level Sangiovese. -- this one is even better than the Banfi. I like all of Coltibuono's wines, though...

        2009 Georges Duboeuf “Flower Label” Morgon ($13)
        Juicy, fruit-forward and affordable, this cru Beaujolais from the superb 2009 vintage is a true bargain. I like this one a lot.

        2007 Tasca d’Almerita Regaleali Nero d’Avola ($14)
        This tasty, bold Nero d’Avola is an excellent value. Haven't had this specific wine, but generally like Regaleali wines. Good qpr.

        1. Woop Woop is what I'd consider a supermarket quality Shiraz. That said, my girlfriend likes it.

          I don't think I've had any of the specific bottles recommended but I have had wines that I liked from the following vineyards from the article:

          Quinta do Crasto

          I've also had Dona Paula's malbecs and while they were fine, I can get a malbec I'd like a lot more by spending an additional $3-5.

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          1. re: bg90027

            IIRC, Broadbent Selections does NOT import the Quinta do Crasto FLOR, recommended in the article, for sale in the US. I've had the wine in Mexico, but never seen it in the States. OTOH, their wines are SUPERB . . . .

            1. re: zin1953

              I've had Crasto that I really liked...but I think it was more like $20, not $14. At Whole Foods.

              I've also had the Cline Cashmere, Juan Gil and Castano Monastrells and dArenburg Stump Jump, the last three from WF. Prefered the Gil and Stump jump, but neither anything to write home about.

              Years ago I had the Casa de la Ermita monastrell adn absolutely loved it, but haven't been able to find it lately. (Carolinas)

          2. I've had more than a few - the Banfi Col di Sasso is a bargain at its price.

            1. I have had the Barberas from Michele Chiarolo and Fontanafredda, although not the vintages cited in this article. They are both well worth their prices, with the Chiarolo Barbera being an especially good value year in and year out .