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Jul 19, 2012 09:22 PM

WS's Gold Touch Bake pans vs. SLT's Platinum Professional Bakeware


Anyone own or have experienced both of these bakewares? or done research to compare them? Which is better? Thoughts? I've been looking at both and can't make up my mind.

Why not just buy USA Pans? Not sure... mainly because I've held all 3 and USA Pans' Aluminized Steel are always inexplicably lighter than WS or SLT's. Also because a friend thought her WS Gold Touch muffin pan was a better performer than her USA Pans Alum Steel muffin pan.

WS Gold Touch = Ceramic non-stick coating, used to be made by USA Pans, now by Chicago Metallic?
SLT Platinum Pro = Silicone non-stick coating, made by USA Pans (says so on the bakeware)

Links to 9x13 bake pan, just for reference:

I've thought of Wilton, Fat Daddio, Chicago Metallic Pro, Vollrath, Nordic Ware but I keep coming back to WS Gold Touch and SLT Platinum. Also if I time my buy, the prices really aren't that much different.

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  1. I'm also curious about this. Anyone done any comparison shopping here?