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Jul 19, 2012 08:34 PM

Hard Hat X

Went to Davenport Village (Westlake) today and saw they are hard at work remodeling to put in Opal Divine's Davenport. That particular location has been several flops so hopefully this one can make it. No idea on the opening date. They have the neon sign up but are still doing demolition.

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  1. East Side Pies is opening a third location at 1809 Anderson Ln., where the ol' creepy Pizza Peddler used to be. Another awesome win for our neighborhood!

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    1. re: cashhh

      That's right in my neighborhood. Looking forward to the East Side Pies. I ordered from Pizza Peddler once or twice... Was unimpressed. But, I'm curious. What made it creepy?

      1. re: Rice Checks

        My roommates and I live close by and we would get a whole lot of their flyers on our door and we always found the cartoonish pizza peddler drawing to be really really creepy. We always made jokes that when we jog at night, the pizza peddler would be following us. It's silly, but that drawing was weird lol.

      2. re: cashhh

        Looks like it's open. Noticed it on Friday when I stopped into the Craft-Beer mini mart next door. Wasn't a fan (at all) when I tried it some years ago. Will have to give it another shot. They still doing the cracker-type crust?

      3. French Quarter Grille is opening their second location at the former Gumbos of Round Rock location on 620. August time frame according to Facebook.

        Gumbos of RR will be reopening off of 79 just east of 35.

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        1. re: LakeLBJ

          no way, that's great news. any word on where GUmbo's moved and when they'll open?>

          1. re: amykragan

            From gumbos web site:
            Gumbo’s of Round Rock will reopen this summer at 910 Heritage Center Circle. If you want to be notified and invited to the opening week of festivities and music, please sign up for our VIP email list today and we will add you do our list for grand re-opening festivities.

            1. re: LakeLBJ

              well, summer is almost over.
              any news on when the new gumbo's RR site will open?

              1. re: dinaofdoom

                Lots of drama on the gumbos Facebook page, but they posted on August 16th that they'll be going to the Georgetown Square, the RR location they were working on is no more....
                I did read that French Quarter Grille, owned by an ex-Gumbos Chef, is open at the old Gumbos of RR location on 620.

                1. re: LakeLBJ

                  thanks! my coworker friend was anxious for the re-opening.
                  bummer they are going to georgetown square, though, and not RR.

        2. The building that was most recently the former north location of Hoover's Cooking (Anderson Mill & 183) is becoming a Kohnami Japanese Restaurant.

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          1. re: austexgal

            I'm almost never on that side of town, imagine my horror to discover that my jonesing for fried pork chops goes unresolved!!!

            1. re: austexgal

              now that it's been a few months, anyone have any intel on kohnami?
              i noticed there are some locations in padre and macallen, plus santa fe.
              wondering if it's the same people, or something else.

              1. re: dinaofdoom

                ok, i drove by and that place is not even remotely close to opening.
                it's still the completely deserted hoover's, with no outward signs of getting it ready for an opening.

            2. Subsin's on Manchaca and Stassney has morphed into yet another Thai restaurant. I forget the name... begins with an M with an unlikely word after it.

              That location is jinxed. I feel sorry for anybody that moves into that spot without tearing it down first - and making it look really different. It's doomed. I fear.

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              1. re: sqwertz

                Yeah, I drove by there a couple times recently and noticed that. I liked Subsin's... I have a Thai friend in town who said it was one of his favorite places.

                It was grungy but tasty... the new place looks pretty much the same. I'd love to hear if it's good, should anybody end up checking it out.

                1. re: sqwertz

                  It's "M. ThaiTown", FWIW.

                  Also note that the Sunflower/Newflower has officially morphed into a Sprouts. So we'll only be getting one flyer in the mail now. They were practically identical anyway.


                2. Brio Tuscan Grill coming to the old TGIF location in the Arboretum. Building is just a shell right now so it will probably be a few months. Looks to be a chain from a quick web search.