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Jul 19, 2012 08:30 PM

Singleton Visiting Montreal: Suggestions?

Do folks have thoughts on good places for a person visiting Montreal alone who likes to eat well? The ideal would be interesting places that have a comfortable bar for food service. It would be great to have some guide as to when it might be possible to snag a table. I'll be staying near the Village in mid-August for four nights, five days, with a flexible schedule. I'm probably not up for the most expensive of tables (which places tend to be dicey for solo dining in any case). Also fond of a good cocktail. Wide-ranging tastes. (But allergic to shellfish, crustacea, mollusca, alas....) Thanks, Michael

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  1. There are a few threads on solo dining in Montreal, if you do a search. I can't think of any place where a solo diner wouldn't be welcome, and there are many places that have bars you can eat at - including (off the top of my head) Au Pied de Cochon, L'Express, Garde Manger, Joe Beef, Nora Gray, Kitchen Galerie, Kitchenette, and Jane.

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      These are excellent recommendations, though I'd toss Garde and add Chien Fumant, Tuck Shop, and the others suggested by Max, below. You might also consider Reservoir if you'd like to drink more and eat less some night. Most of the top restaurants in the city have nice bars, so you'll likely not be disappointed. You could even consider Lemeac or Club Chasse et Peche.

    2. Lawrence (st-laurent blvd) is nice and has a small quirky cocktail list.
      I think Dominion Tavern also has a cocktail list but I've never been).
      Le Comptoir Charcuterie is fun for solo dining (at the bar, in front of the open kitchen)
      I also like "La Salle à Manger".

      Look at the more recent thread, there are a lot of suggestions (even if not for "singleton").


      Most/All restaurants

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        Second the above suggestions, particularly Lawrence and Le Comptoir, which are both also great at lunch -- and where you won't be the only solo. As a single at the bar you are likely to find a bar seat at any of these places w/o a reservation anytime outside of peak hours (~7:30-9).

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          If I could afford it I would eat only at Lawrence and Kazu for the rest of my life.

        2. Kazu! The counter is right in front of the kitchen so you can watch all the action.

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          1. re: mainsqueeze

            Whenever I walk by Kazu there is a lineup and not many places so you will need backup plan.
            Terraces/patios are great for solo dining.
            Dominion Tavern is good, and you dont have to sit at bar unless you choose to, they also have daily lunch special that goes to 3pm I think. Late night deals are also something to consider as you can enjoy some very good restos at cheaper prices and the dinner crowd thins out..
            I agree with other posters that solo dining is not likely to be a problem for you in restos here.

            1. re: mangoannie

              Backup plans for Kazu:

              Thali - Indian
              Qing Hua - dumplings
              Maison Bulgogi - Korean
              Maison du Nord - chinese
              Yuki Ramen - Taiwanese noodles
              Poulet Bronze - fried chicken

              There are more but I haven't been.

              1. re: marblebag

                there are two thali restos that came up when i googled, one on st marc and one on Ontario, which one are you recommending. Maison Bulgogi looks popular in evenings, do you have any suggestions what to order as I have not tried Korean cuisine.

                1. re: mangoannie

                  You have to try Kim chi & kalbi steak, my favorite Korean foods.

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                  Backup plans for Kazu, it being an isakaya, are actually Big in Japan & Imadake, also Isakayas.

                  1. re: 514eats

                    Big in Japan is not going to satisfy your Kazu cravings. I went once for a friend's birthday and everyone was disappointed. Kazu on the other hand is top notch and a must try. If you get there 10 minutes before they open for lunch you should be able to get a seat at the bar.

            2. Go to Deville Dinerbar and sit at the bar: full dinner menu & interesting cocktail list. You won't regret it. If I were to eat somewhere alone, that's where I would go.

              As a second choice, try Cartel Street Food Bar. You may find more talkative people sitting at the bar there, if you want to strike up a conversation.

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              1. re: 514eats

                (maybe you know)
                Cartel closed downtown and moved up on St-Urbain at the corner of Fairmount, (I don't know if they are open yet).

                1. re: Maximilien

                  I was not aware. Thx for the update.

                  1. re: 514eats

                    Thanks all for these great suggestions which include many places that were not yet on my radar screen. You may see some more detailed (=well-informed!) questions from me as I do more research. I'll do a report after my visit.

                    According to their website, as of today Cartel is "opening soon".

              2. The counter at Jolifou is pretty nice as well! Also with a kitchen view.