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Jul 19, 2012 06:30 PM

BC allows BYOW (Bring your own wine) in restaurants effective today

Staring today restaurants can allow patrons to bring their own wine, subject to a corkage fee.

News release:

Marquis Wine Cellars is starting a list of participating restaurants and their policies:

Chambar is 1st: $25.00 corkage.

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  1. Fray on Fraser is the lowest so far: $5.
    Alex Tung's new place in Bby, Cotto Enoteca (not yet open): $20.

    I think they will all range between $15-25. With outliers like Fray hoping to use it as a loss leader to bring in more customers. Beer centric joints will probably low ball as well.

    1. West: $50.00 a bottle
      Le Parisienne: (which is not open for coffee and croissant at 8:00 am, despite their website) $20.00 bottle

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      1. re: Anne M

        $50/bottle for corkage is obscene. I lived in Australia for a number of years and Sydney's Tetsuya's - at the time one of the top 10 restaurants in the world according so someone who claims they should be able to nominate those things - charged $20/bottle.

        West is no Tetsuya's.

        That said, I think $15 (or $20ish in a high end restaurant) is completely fair.

      2. I never thought I'd live to see this day! Thanks for the heads up.

        1. Saves me airfare to/from Montreal !

          (just kidding)

          1. This is very cool, but I'm curious about the last etiquette point. It suggests not bringing any BC wines in for corkage. Since I try to buy local as much as possible for "everything", wine included, this seems odd to me. Anyone know why this is a bad thing? Thanks.

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            1. re: Jzone

              I wonder if that's less about corkage etiquette and more about their own grudge/stance against import wines masquerading as BC wines.

              1. re: Jzone

                As queueueuq says, it's actually an etiquette point on "bottled in" BC wines. These are brands like Copper Moon that are commodity grade grapes from high yield/low quality vineyards in the central valley of California and Chile that don't even meet local standards of production. They are exported and vinified here to sell as a value brand. Bringing in a wine like this is a bit of a signal to the restaurant...