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Jul 19, 2012 06:11 PM

The Crest Gastro Pub

Looks like something new is moving into the St. Clair West neighborhood..

Was walking between Arlington and Atlas today and noticed that the old Portucale (the old Dagianni et maria ) restaurant was covered in black tiles and had a printed peice of paper with the name "The Crest Gastro Bar" taped inside the window.

There were some people inside talking (who knows if it was contractors/owners/chef..but could see inside. Looked great from what i coudl see. Nice new bar. a couple of large reclaimed wood tables.

I wonder if anyone has any info on this - ie who is it? what makes it gastro? etc?

With Stazione opened up and the Pipers Pub seeming to draw a resonable crowd, lets hope this stretch of St. Clair keeps the tradition of the east side of Arlington going!

Cant' wait to it opens so we can find out!

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  1. I drove by today and they had graphics up in the windows. The telephone number is also active and gives operating hours but I can't find anything else about the place.

    According to the answering machine, is their website, but it's not up and running yet.

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    1. re: Skeets

      Has anyone been here yet? Is it even happening? Im dying for a place like this to open in this area!

      1. re: sdicroce

        Looks like a Tony Soprano kind of place. Always face the door!