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Jul 19, 2012 05:19 PM

Real Scrumpy in London?

Is there any to be found, and if so, where? What are some
Mass produced brands to avoid?

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  1. It tends to go hand in hand with real ale. The CAMRA guide has a special section/ rating for cider and perry houses so I would suggest you hie thee hence. Also any real ale festival tends to have representation - including the option on 1/3 pints for the more formidable ones. Although there aren't many large beer festivals in London, there are often ones at large pubs though you may end up having to make a short train journey.

    1. I'm not sure if anywhere in London does scrumpy as I remember it growing up which was basically rocket fuel in large plastic containers. Not sure I'd want to try it now either.
      If however you are looking for a range of good ciders I'd head to the Cider Tap which is opposite the excellent Euston Tap.

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        I'd second the cider tap, and also recommend The Southampton Arms ( in North London.

        I like cider but I'm not a buff, so I can't recommend any scrumpys I'm afraid.

        As for mass-produced scrumpy, the only one I can think of would be Scrumpy Jack, but that's not really scrumpy. Plenty of mass-produced ciders such as Bullmers, Magners, Strongbow...

      2. Time Out may be a good source - this is a bit dated but some of the listed Ciders are good.

        1. I'd also highly recommended the Cider Tap. Another place definitely worth checking out is the Green Man in Fitzrovia ( It's a short walk down from Euston, and provides a more "pubby" atmosphere to the Cider Tap which is very much a bar.