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Jul 19, 2012 05:10 PM

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre supper ideas [London]

I'll be passing through London in August and will be going to the open air theatre in Regent's Park. Hope it's not raining! Does anyone have any experience with the various supper options offered by the theatre--picnic box, barbecue, buffet? And what other options might be good in the neighbourhood?

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  1. We've always nipped to Pizza Express beforehand as it can be relied upon to be quick, but I'm sure others will have more exciting suggestions. Make sure you take a proper waterproof jacket that can cover your legs when you're sitting, and a jumper. It gets cold, and the waterproof ponchos they sell there are not waterproof at all. We ditched The Crucible halfway through as we were very soggy!

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      There are a lot of options on and off Marylebone High St. I think a search of the board will bring up some of the better choices. Trishna is good for Indian or get a picnic from La Fromagerie.

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        isn't the pizza at ramsays york and albany much better than the express? and its right on the park.

        i haven't eaten there - its been on my to do list for too long - but people whose opinion i value say its very good.

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          Seconded that Y&A pizza is much better and their full menu is also pretty good (though definitely ask to sit upstairs - the room downstairs is heavy and oppressive).

          Also in Camden is Market which is on the way to the Park from the station and serves very good simple St John inspired British dishes.

          Slightly off the track but very doable is the Engineer in Primrose Hill which is a little overpriced for food but has an amazing beer garden at the back which is lovely on a summers evening

      2. We went to the Queen's Head & Artichoke for an early dinner before we went to the open air theatre and it was very pleasant pub food at a reasonable price. Nothing memorable though, but it's a satisfying meal and a 10 minute walk to the park!

        1. There's a nice picnic area at the theatre - you could maybe gather together some treats from one of the good food halls such as Harvey Nichols or Whole Food Market in High St Ken. Whatever you do, don't have the bbq - it's overpriced and not recommended

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            Thanks, everyone, for the recommendations as well as the warnings about weatherproof clothing and the bbq! After careful map reading, have made a reservation at Trishna--the early evening menu looks great and the chance to try something new from a cuisine we love is irresistible. Wish we could stay on for pizza!