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Jul 19, 2012 05:05 PM

Buying All-Clad on Ebay and Warranty?

If I were to buy used (firsts) All-Clad on ebay, will All-Clad still honor the warranty?

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  1. When warranty information (and the warranty forms for registering the purchase) are not included in the package it'll be difficult, if not impossible, to get warranty service.

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    1. I think it is best to check with All Clad. My understanding is that All Clad will honor new All Clad product bought on eBay. Used All-Clad (ebay or not).... may be difficult, but you should contact All Clad just to be sure.

      1. Is it possible to register the cookware on their website? With A-C's lifetime warranty though when it was purchased shouldn't be an issue. So many people receive cookware as gifts that it isn't always possible to state the time and place of purchase. I would think as long as the cookware wasn't abused that they should still take care of any issues with it.

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          You are able to register All-Clad as far a I know. But, I think I am with you. As long as the cookware wasn't abused, they should honor the warranty.

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            Calphalon lets anyone register cookware on their website. I did it 12 years post-purchase and was able to get a warranty replacement.

            I can't imagine AC is any different, with their reputation for service. I don't think a first or second should matter, both carry the warranty, don't they?

          2. Did you ever contact All-Clad to actually find out what is so straight from the horses mouth?

            My experience with another company - Calphalon - was just fine... The lifetime warranty is on the pan, not the buyer.