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Jul 19, 2012 05:00 PM

Best Sichuan in London

Where is it ?

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  1. There is one in North Greenwich - Bugsby way. Ask for the Sichuan menu, though! They have a menu for non-Chinese folks which has Cantonese dishes being passed off as Sichuan.

    Also like - Red and Hot - there is one off Shaftesbury and another near Euston Station.

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    1. re: khowkhow

      There is also a, presumably different, Red & Hot at 59 Charing Cross Road.

      It's one of three branches of a mini-chain. Assuming that it is as good as the one in Manchester, then it will be pretty good. I know these things are no guarantee of quality but I have yet to see anyone, other than Chinese folk, in the Manchester one, so it may be an indication of quality.

      1. re: Harters

        I read something (from Andrew Young) that discussed if seeing a certain ethnic group at a restaurant makes it, necessarily, an indication that the food is high quality. There are a lot of pros and cons.

        I'm still thinking about this:

        'Of the 50 odd million people who live in England, how many would you trust to recommend a great restaurant to eat English food?

        That's something to think about the next time you think a Chinese restaurant has to be good if Chinese people eat there, or the same of an Indian frequented by Indians, a pizzeria popular with Italians or a ribs joint full of Americans.'

        1. re: zuriga1

          Exactly the point, June.

          If a high level of ethnic diners was a guarantee of quality, then Harvesters would have Michelin stars.

    2. Number 10 Chinese Restaurant in Earl's Court is still the best overall Sichuan place I've been to in London, but it is apparently inconsistent. I've honestly never had a negative experience there though I haven't eaten at No 10 in months.

      Other good ones are Chilli Cool for certain dishes (mini hot pots, ma po do fu, the beanthread noodles with crispy pork, etc.) Chuan Mei Zi (the North Greenwich one noted below) is pretty good, but I wouldn't say it's worth the trek unless you are really really keen on your Sichuan food. Another specific dishes sort of place is Sichuan Restaurant in Acton which has a Sichuan menu loaded with some excellent more homestyle Sichuan dishes. Some of the best pigs feet I've ever had too.

      Wuli Wuli and Gourmet San are both Dongbei places with large numbers of Sichuan dishes on the menu, but many of them are actually pretty serviceable.

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      1. re: JFores

        Not a fan of Gourmet San, can be iffy! North Greenwich and Red & Hot are still the firm favourites. North Greenwich becoz my first experience was this really rude waiter who refuse to help us with this Chinese menu and insisted we order from the English one with the regular dishes such as peking duck! There is My old place off Bishopsgate which is also very good; not entirely Sichuan but has several Sichuan dishes - went with some Chinese friends, so the food was obviously great!

        1. re: khowkhow

          My Old Place and Gourmet San are the same owners.

          The only thing that used to keep me coming back to Gourmet San was a preserved pork with what I think may have been mustard greens dish.

          Some other places to try include Three Gorges on Goodge St (decent-ish), Sichuan Restaurant in Poplar/Limehouse (been meaning to try since spotting it months ago) and though not Sichuan the Sichuan hot pot base at Royal Palace (technically a Northern place) is amazing.

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