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Jul 19, 2012 04:20 PM

Need 1 Dinner Place - Tampa


I will be in the Downtown Tampa area next Friday night for the Sugarland Concert. I am staying at the Marriott Waterside and the concert is at the 1-800-ASK GARY Ampitheatre.

Looking for a resturant/location to eat dinner before the concert. Ideally, some where between the Hotel and the Ampitheatre.

Nothing fancy. Relativley inexpensive. Would prefer it to be American, Burgers, BBQ. No Asian or Mexican.

Also, must be some where we can get in and out of in good fashion. I don't believe the food trucks would still be running at this time?

Any feedback is appreciated!!


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  1. Americana and burgers: Hattrick's, 107 South Franklin St. Phone: (813) 225-4288. This is a mid-level sports bar. It is technically within walking distance of your hotel, but the heavy traffic, combined with the need to switch back and forth across roads to stay on sidewalks makes me recommend that you take a cab. Get the opinion of the hotel staff. Also, it's 95 degrees out there!

    Barbecue: Jimbo's, 4103 Kennedy Boulevard. Phone: (813) 289-9724. The decor is pretty plain Jane, but Jimbo's has its fans on these boards. Not understanding the dedication of many barbecue fans, I could not tell. The barbecue seems fine to me. You will need to take a cab ride. Jimbo's is about 15 minutes away.

    Cuban: Columbia Cafe Riverwalk, 801 Old Water Street. Phone: (813) 229-5511. This is within walking distance of your hotel, located in the Tampa Bay History Center. The hotel staff could give you simple directions. You sound as if you want to stick with solely American food. If not, this is far superior to the two recommendations above. It is an outpost of a landmark Cuban/Spanish (emphasis on the Spanish) restaurant located in Ybor City, a Cuban ethnic neighborhood in Tampa. I would recommend the black bean soup, the 1905 salad, and the hot-pressed Cuban sandwich. There is a $9.99 special of half a large Cuban sandwich and a bowl of black bean soup., which is a good deal. There are many other outstanding items on the menu. Try the tres leches cake for dessert. The sangria is excellent, if you are willing to pay for the one with brandy in it. It is more expensive than the cheap sangria, which I would avoid because it is cloyingly sweet.

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      Excellent. Thank you for the suggestions!