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Jul 19, 2012 04:16 PM

Baltimore Restaurant Week

Is it just me and my hubby, but we really don't enjoy the upcoming restaurant week(s). I am not impressed with the dining abbreviated selections that are offered during the promotion. WE don't hardly ever order a dessert at a restaurant as we prefer my home made goodies or those of specific bakeries. We also love icecream. So, other then the appetizers and entree, we aren't really inspired to dine out during the promotional week.

Now, I want to say, that I believe it is a great promotional tool for the "dog days of summer" and then in mid-winter--enticing diners to get out and try new experiences at restaurants that one would not normally go to.
as long as my favorite dining out spots offer their regular menus during the promotion, I am okay with that. Am I just being too snarky? I certainly hope not as I want every opportunity for our locals to dine out and expand their horizons. FoiGras

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  1. No, it's not just you, FoiGras! We usually avoid the restaurant week promotions - for most restaurants, they're just not a good deal. Howard County's has just started, and it goes for close to three weeks - ugh! Many of the restaurants that signed up already have 3-course deals in the $30-40 range, so it's really nothing special.

    But there are some good deals out there - we usually do the Prime Rib. While it's a smaller cut of steak, it's still a phenomenal bargain compared to their regular prices. They also have wine deals during the promotion. Plus, the service is as good as always - no snootiness for the "cheap crowd."

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      OOh--I forgot about the Prime Rib. I have no issue that the portion may be a smaller cut of steak--I usually end up bringing home a "doggy bag" from the PR when we dine there as their usual portions are quite large.

      As I mentioned, I have no major issue with Restaurant Week. As long as the establishment still has their a la carte menu then I'm okay with that. FoiGras

    2. with many of the restaurants doing quite well over the period...maybe it is just you. That being said, some of the menu choices don't excite me, some are a ripoff, but some are worthwhile to perhaps try a new place that i haven't gotten to yet. I never go to the Prime Rib for several reasons, but had a great time there last year for restaurant week.

      this year, i see jack's is serving poutine, so i'm there at least once.