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Jul 19, 2012 03:54 PM

Blend in Ridgewood is closed. Time to find a new place to go.

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  1. Again. Another chapter in the saga. Unfortunate. When it was good, it was good. Another local place that was nice to hang out and have a good time.

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    1. re: ELA

      There wasn't anything "local" about it to my mind. It catered to out of towners. Ridgewood didn't and doesn't need a nightclub. Good riddance.

      1. re: tommy

        Spoken like a true Ridgewoodian! Why wouldn't you miss the housewife riots on male-stripper nights? And catering to "out of towners"? You're talking about maybe a 10-mile radius, if that. How provincial can you get. Blend at least gave Ridgewood something to talk about besides SAT scores and college acceptance rates.

        1. re: melissa511

          Did Chester Drawers used to be at this location? I remember hanging out there in the 90s and know it was on that street. When I do a Google search on Chester Drawers Ridgewood, the first hit is the Blend Bar website.

          1. re: ebchower

            Yes, that was one of the places that was there -- CD was a basement level bar. A very popular spot.

            1. re: ELA

              Also remember JP Anthony's in Westwood and Nickels Alley in Paramus. About the only place I used to go that's still around is Orange Lantern.

              1. re: ebchower

                LOL. Well, many of these places have gone through several or at least one change. JP Anthony's local used to be a popular spot, but times change. As I am sure you know, it's now the Cornerstone. Hit or miss.

                The OL is a "classic" place. They have stood the test of time. It's kind of like every generation of young adults in the area, start out there, return, and then leave, etc. They still have a decent band every so often, and believe it or not they attract a non-local crowd. They have a niche. There are still places like that. Blend had a very short-lived heyday, but attracted that kind of crowd -- local, nearby, more upscale (not the OL, LOL), and they went from dance, club, lounge, food, smokers (patio), and so on.