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Jul 19, 2012 02:05 PM

Trip Report

Hubby and I spent a few days in San Diego from LA (haven't been in town for years). Had a terrific time. So here's the good and the mediocre, food-wise. (We stayed at the US GRANT in Gaslamp, post Comic-Con).

**Cafe Chloe (Gaslamp) - excellent (carb extravaganza -- we split the mushroom tart and mac n' cheese, started off w outstanding tomato salad -- finished w pot of chocolate)
**George at The Cove, Upstairs (La Jolla) -- fish and shrimp tacos, excellent
**Cauz dinner at Tio Leos -- had to do it -- went to college in SD and this was "fine dining" back in the day -- still terrific chicken fajitas, chips n salsa
** Enoteca Adriano (PB) -- probably our favorite meal. My chiro recommended it and it really delivered. Started w their famous burrata w tomatoes (basically a caprise) which was outstanding. Then hubby splurged (calorie wise) on the Spaghetti Carbonara and I had the Bolognese w home-made pasta -- both were excellent. Dessert (white mousse) was less successful, tasted like it was made the day prior but we were so stuffed that we couldn't do much damage to it anyway. Prices VERY reasonable. Nice ambiance -- cozy trattoria.

** Didn't time our meals well and ended up eating lunch at the SD Safari Park -- I know! My bad for bad timing. I was fine w my hot-dog but my hubby's burger was pretty gross (and the prices! we don't have kids so we're not used to the blatant rip-offs at these attractions). Still, we loved the park, much prefer it to a zoo.
*** The really awful (esp for hubby) HASH HOUSE A Go Go. Again, this wasn't well planned -- we should have just eaten at our hotel (US GRANT) but we were on the go and the concierge recommended this place (and my hubby loves hash). In short -- bigger def doesn't mean better! Hubby got the hash and he said it was tough -- plus, it just was unnecessarily gigantic. Instead of impressing us, it did the opposite -- and my husband barely ate it. I've never had biscuits and gravy, and decided to try it -- and I got this dish on the side since I already saw the portions. The biscuit was not fresh and was like a brick, and the gravy was cold. The server was nice and brought another one out for me when I complained but it still didn't look/taste worth the calories. And the side of fruit was again, ridiculous. Couldn't be bothered making a fruit salad but just cut fruit up. Shouldn't complain bc that and the scrambled eggs were the best part of the meal.

In short, every meal that was recommended by friends and chowhounds was a big score -- when we flew blind, not so much. But we had a great time! Glad to see San Diego again after so many years.

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  1. thanks for the report. I live in PB, so I'll give Enoteca A another chance based on your suggestion. It hadn't impressed me the first time. I happen to be in Silver Lake for two nights. Any great suggestions?

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      Silver Lake -> Cliff's Edge, LAMill, Pazzo Gelato, Barbrix, (and Scoops, Jitlada and Langer's aren''t too far away)

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        Wow. You really do know everything about everywhere, We ate at L&E Oyster Bar. Perfect. Just the kind of place San Diego doesn't do. Small, packed, great food, beautiful people, clever wine list. Maybe I don't hate LA as much as I thought.