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Jul 19, 2012 12:34 PM

Wild Pecan Rice, is that a real thing?

The last time I was in NOLA, I poked around Creole Delicacies & Cookin' Cajun to look for local foodstuff, and I found a bag of Wild Pecan Rice, made by Konriko. Supposedly, it's rice with bran left in so it tastes like pecans without having pecans in it. Is this really something that people from NOLA or Louisiana really eat at home or in restaurants? I've found recipes on line for Pecan Rice where people add pecans into their rice. The store also sells Hurricane Mix, so I'm suspicious of whether it truly is a New Orleans/Louisiana/Cajun/Creole specialty or if it's something to simply sell to tourists.

Are there any NOLA restaurants that would serve pecan-less pecan rice in there dishes?

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  1. Scroll down:
    It looks to be a rice and not a grass seed (as regular wild rice), available white or brown.
    Here's a glossary site:
    Also known as popcorn rice:
    So, it looks like the real deal, not just some tourist thing. It's a basmati hybrid from Louisiana, according to the site.

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    1. re: wyogal

      "Also known as popcorn rice"

      I didnt know these were the same thing!

      That makes the OP's question easy to answer as well, Yes, this rice is widely used in new orleans restaurants.

    2. The Pecan Rice was wildly popular in NOLA when it came out and lots of people I know still use it. It's good stuff. An Uptown Matron friend with an impeccable pedigree used to use the artichoke brown rice and always sent it to friends out-of-town as gifts.

      1. "Pecan Rice," regardless of the official pedigree, can be a thing of joy, when done correctly.

        We pick up many boxes, and ship them in our luggage, back to Phoenix.

        It all depends.