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Jul 19, 2012 12:07 PM

Brooklyn Fare wine list

Just looking at the wine list on their website.
Trying to figure how many bottles 2 people would buy for our meal?
Also, from what I hear it is almost all seafood except maybe 1 meat course. So it sounds like a bottle of white and 2 glasses of red.
However, they don't seem to sell by the glass.
So, any suggestions? Just go with whites the whole way?
Is one bottle enough for 2 or do you need 1 bottle each?

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    1. Seems to me it would depend on how much drinking you want to do and how much you care about what you are drinking and what you might have on hand.. They have a handful of wines in the $60-78 range a few more south of $100, with most much higher - the list is virtually all prestige french appellations (presumably for Michelin status) rather than a list of interesting wines of varying prices. Quite disappointing. You might be better off bringing a bottle or two of your own selection and paying the corkage (that would be my choice), or not., if one of the cheaper bottles will work for you. I personally wouldn't feel the need for a red for a single course in an extended tasting. this would be a good case for going with a large group and sharing out a red bottle.

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        For some reason I got to checking retail prices of both low and high end bottles. I'm not typically in this market at all, but seems as if the markups can be fair--a Domaine de la Romanee-Conti ‘Romanee-Saint-Vivant’ 1985 for $2,900 that goes for $1,350 on Wine Searcher, for example. And a Chablis Montee de Tonnerre, $95 on the list, ave. $45 retail. Perhaps CH wine experts can chime in on the list itself and current state of markups (my restaurant wine tastes usually top out at $45), but I suspect folks looking to order that DRC at $2,900 might not be doing any of this math or worrying much about markups. Greater range and surprise in the list would be welcomed, as Jen notes..