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Jul 19, 2012 12:00 PM

Where to eat tomorrow night alone..staying on the outskirts of oldtown.

Money is not an issue and i love all kind of food...thinking sushi, tasting menus, french, latin. I'm open for anything. Just looking for somewhere easy to/from mission valley in a cab. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Azuki and Hane aren't too far away for sushi. Harney Sushi is likely walkable, but it's a trendy, loud sort of place. For french, Wine Vault might be an option.

    1. Mission Valley per se does not have much great food,
      -Other than the new (and with long lines):
      -I personally like the old:
      -Closer to you, on the SW edge of Old Town (and my choice if I was staying right there):
      -More South from Old Town:

      1. There's a food truck gathering at 57 Degrees Wine not too far from OT. You'd get a chance to try several things if you want.

        1. Brooklyn Girl or Starlite. In either case, sit at the bar or one of the bar tables. Both have friendly service and enjoyable people watching.

          1. Wine Vault, definitely. They do a prix fixe menu on Fridays but it is actually fairly cheap and you can add on a wine flight for $15.

            If you take a cab, tell the driver it is near Shakespeare's Pub at the Washington St & I5.
            Signage is difficult, it is above the street sandwiched between the Pub and a few other places (Saffron)