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Jul 19, 2012 10:46 AM

Recommendations for Portland, Maine What's your favorite restaurant there???


We are traveling to Portland Maine next week for three nights. We would like some suggestions on a seafood restaurant also an ecclectic type or any other one's that are your fav's! Price doesnt' matter, maybe one high end and a couple midprice etc, but it really doesn't matter.


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  1. You'll see a lot of the same places listed so I'll try to put them here for you.

    Hugo's (my favorite in Portland) - inventive small plates (my advice is to do the 6-8 course blind tasting).
    Fore Street - solid if not incredibly inventive grilled fish and meats
    Duckfat - excellent fries and house made sodas
    Miyake - excellent sushi

    Others will chime in with Caiola's, Bresca, 555 (which I don't personally recommend), and Street and Company. Except for 555, I have not eaten at the others. Good luck, and have a great time in one of America's best small cities for eating!

    1. Agree with all of kimfairs recs and will add a few. Haven't been since the new owners but an 8 course tasting with wine pairings at Hugo's is probably the best meal I've ever had and one of the most expensive.
      Duckfat is on just about everyone's lunch must list. Get some oysters across the street at Eventide and finish it off with some fries at Duckfat or reverse the eating order.
      Miyake is a lot more than sushi. The omakase will have poultry and pork in some form. Masa Miyake's farm is probably near peaking so my guess is many different fresh ingredients.
      It's probably not eclectic if you're from Greece, but Emilitsa is rustic Greek fine dining. Not your typical Greek. Octopus and ouzo. Yum.
      Street and Co. is still the best pure seafood restaurant.
      Not necessarily fine dining but really good eclectic-ish places that I enjoy regularly include:
      Pizza: Otto for a slice and/or Micucci for a slab.
      Nosh: Another great place for fries. Great sandwiches. Buffalo pig tails? Why not? Excellent beer selection.
      If you're into beer, Nuvare Res is a must.
      Hit up Grace for at least a cocktail. I like the upstairs lounge best. The place is really cool.
      For something different, I always recommend taking the ferry 20 minutes to Peaks Island. Passable pub food at the Inn. For dinner, the Cockeyed Gull is very good though not really in the same league as some of the finer dining options on the mainland.

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        Thanks so much!!! I can't wait, I have never been there. Do you know if I can bring my two small dogs on the ferry? If it is not too hot, I want to bring them to Peaks with us....

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          You can definitely bring the dogs. They do charge for them. I think theyre ok at the inn if youre outside but I'd check first.

      2. Fore St. for dinner, Duckfat for lunch/snack and Caiola's for brunch. I also like the atmosphere and drinks at Local 188, food pretty OK too.

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          Can't go wrong with any of those recs either.

        2. East Ender doesn't seem to get so much attention, but we had a terrific lunch there. They have a good, varied menu with lots of local ingredients. The execution is as good as the menu. They have a nice selection of veggies to go along with the rest of the menu, something I always like. I'd eat here again very happily.