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Jul 19, 2012 10:23 AM

Brick City Oyster Bar & Grill - Sanford, NC

New place that has just opened recently. Anyone here tried it or know anything about it? I've searched and it seems they don't have a website yet. Any info would be appreciated. Thx.

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  1. W tried the place on Thursday night.

    Let me begin this by saying I am pleased that the manager/partner comped the meal...

    When we got there, there were 2 women seated in the "oyster bar" section of the place; 3 guys seated at the traditional bar, throwing a few back, beside them was another guy (who turned out to be that manager) with a young boy about 10 - 12 years old (maybe his son); and maybe 4 or 5 couples in the dining room.

    The hostess had the personality of a used doormat, and looking at the rest of the staff it was apparent that outside of the woman tending bar, none of them, not one, had much if any restaurant experience at all.

    After looking at the menu we decided to order light just to see how things went. This was a good thing. We ordered beers and a bacon wrapped smoked scallop appetizer. A plate of hush puppies served with jalapeno butter was brought out. The scallops and hushpuppies were the highlight of the meal. Both were good, but not worth going back there for.

    I ordered a half peck of steamed oysters and Mrs. BBQ ordered a caesar salad. After trying 2 oysters, I stopped eating. They had a bitter and an ammonia type taste. I've eaten enough oysters over the years to know these were bad. Her salad was wilted and old looking which explained why it was swimming in dressing when it was served.

    When the manager was called over, he had conflicting stories that kept changing as to where the oysters came from, finally admitting they were from US Food Service and were some they were "trying to get rid of" before they started serving his supply of Gulf oysters for the weekend. He admitted that he'd had to throw out several orders of these oysters both yesterday and today... I told him I'd had oysters from both Tony's and Squid's that were never as bad as what I'd been served tonight. I asked him why he just didn't send them back and he said he couldn't afford to lose that money. It was at that point I told him he'd be better off losing that money than risking the health of his customers, much less having folks dissatisfied with the food.

    He offered to replace our food with anything else from the menu, but we told him we'd had enough and to let me have the check so I could pay and we could go. He hemmed and hawed around for a minute and finally said he'd take care of the meal and we could go, but he hoped we'd give them another chance. I offered to pay for the beers, scallops and hushpuppies, but he wouldn't let me, so we left.

    I hate to see any business suffer, especially when it's new and locally owned, but there is absolutely no excuse in serving food when you know it's bad before it leaves the kitchen.

    I give the place 6 months at best. We won't be going back. Perhaps other items on the menu are good and the service will improve, but we won't be finding out.

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      Any owner/manager who makes a decision about a highly perishable item with this train of thought
      " they were "trying to get rid of" before they started serving his supply of Gulf oysters for the weekend. He admitted that he'd had to throw out several orders of these oysters both yesterday and today" has no business working in food service.

      Glad your evening didn't wrap up in the hospital. Thanks for taking one on for the team!

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        Was excited about this all along but won't even try it now...Am a big fan of the Cary Raleigh oyster bars and especially the Wilmington ones, and the prices on this menu are higher than those and the quality appears to be in the "dirt" !!!!! Heard nothing but bad reviews!!!!

      2. 08-30-2012
        My wife , son, and I went there last night to celibrate our son's 30th birthday. We were seated promptly and given menus to make our selections from. Water was delivered. Then we sat for 15 to 20 minutes awaiting a member of the wait staff to take our beverage and food order. No one came. We were most disappointed. We left and as we left, told the girl at entrance why.
        I'm guessing if they pay as much attension to there food preps as they do their clients the food must STINK !.

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