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Jul 19, 2012 09:16 AM

Finest Americanized Sushi

I don't tend to go for rolls and usually stick with traditionally prepared nigiri sushi. That said, since we have a thread dedicated to the best traditional Japanese sushi options, I thought I'd ask about where to find the best inventive/modern sushi in the city. Sushi Axiom? Any suggestions for some non-standard options that are amazing? To start, I recently had some interesting "sushi" amuse bouche items at Sapporro Ramen bar in Richardson. One had crab and the other had tuna and tobiko and both were on rice puffs. They were both awesome.

Also, to clarify, the "americanized" is not meant literally. I know some of the finest Japanese owned/run sushi houses in NYC focus on modern interpretations. I said that more in reference to the other thread that is trending right now.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sadly I can't recommend any in Dallas (since I haven't moved yet) but if you want I can describe some evil stuff I've had in NYC.

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          haha, i was really thinking of Sushi of Gari in NYC when making this thread. That is certainly one of the finer sushi establishments in NYC and they focus on innovative offerings. I had an omakase their once that rivaled Yasuda (which was the best I've ever had).

          1. re: demigodh

            LOVE Yasuda and it's very hard to beat, but I believe you about Gari being just as good. In order to find better sushi than top tier restaurants those you'd have to go all the way to Japan.

            But since I can't afford to eat at at places like that every night, my favorite neighborhood place is excellent and they do some modern/fusion. They gave me a piece of fresh Anago with lightly torched skin, then topped with a thin slice of foie gras and torched again. First, you can't go wrong with fresh eel, but the foie was unexpected and so wickedly decadent I felt guilty eating it.

        2. I would have thought "alkonost's" original post would have given you some suggestions and recommendations in answer to your question.

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            It might have had a few, but sometimes the non-traditional places (which weren't really mentioned in the other thread) can come up with some really interesting food that works even though some of their offerings seem totally nutty to a Japanese food purist. I had some french and american fusion sashimi (not in Dallas , though.. So sorry! I wish I had some rec's for DFW!) that had me second guessing how much I like traditional Japanese style food.

            Anyway, I can see where's demig is coming from. Some of the creative fusion establishments weren't really highlighted in the other thread since they didn't exactly fit.

          2. You might like The Blue Fish - but only the location at the Tollway and Frankford. And just stick to the rolls. The nigiri is expensive and for the price there are better options in town.

            1. Out of curiosity, were there any weird sounding American rolls out there that any of you liked? Ones without cream cheese specifically? I like the traditional stuff but it doesn't mean that the Americanized rolls don't taste good too, so I'm up for suggestions on places with creative rolls.

              I'd imagine you could do some pretty tasty stuff with brisket and maki rolls.