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Jul 19, 2012 09:13 AM

Finger Lakes Restaurants

Renting a house in Honeoye, NY in August. Does anyone have any recommendations for good, reasonably-priced, casual restaurants for breakfast and dinner in the vicinity? Nothing fancy required, but fresh, local ingredients, good views and/or outdoor seating would be a definite plus. Will possibliy be dining with a large group (9 people).

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  1. I've never been that far west but on your way there try the village tavern on the town green in Hammondsport. for other suggestions.

    there have been some threads on canandaugua here if you're heading that way at any time.

    1. The Brown Hound Bistro in Naples is about 20 minutes away and fits your criteria. The only problem is that it is very small and may not be able to accommodate 9 people. They do have a covered veranda and I have seen them put together a large table out there, but I'm not sure. Give them a call

      1. We were in the area for my son's wedding held at the Rabbit Room at the Lower Mill in Honeoye Falls recently. The reception was passed hors d'oeuvres so I didn't eat a meal there, but the food was excellent in a beautiful setting. A pre-booking reception tasting dinner was also reported to be excellent. Dinner served on Thursdays only, but lunch is served several days.
        I also recommend The North Shore Grill in Lakeville, about 15 miles away, on Conesus Lake, one of the smaller Finger Lakes. Casual with good food and lots of fun. They have outdoor lakeside dining with a fire pit lit at night. Also look at Ember Woodfire Grill which was recommended to us when we were in the area.

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          Just keep in mind that Honeoye Lake and Honeoye Falls are about 20 Miles apart.

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            Yes. The above mentioned places are each about 20 minutes away.

        2. Hi -- we just got back from that area on July 14th. Stopped in Honeoye for lunch - Mill Creek Cafe. It was good. Lots of locally sourced foods. We had a big party -- good service. I'm vegetarian -- lots of options for me. I would say it is casual, not expensive, healthy options available -- but, don't forget the home made potato chips -- these seem to be a local specialty. We stayed in Penn Yan on Keuka Lake -- mostly cooked at our rental, but ate out at the following places in the area: (start with dessert first!) We loved the Seneca Farms ice cream shop in Penn Yan (lots of fantastic ice cream spots in the region) -- if you are going on the wine trail, be sure to check out the cheese trail, too -- we stopped at one that has goat cheese -- the feta and chevre were delicious. We had a group of 18 people when we went for lunch at Wagner's Vineyards -- great service, beautiful location. The food was good. I also had their blush grape juice with lunch, instead of wine -- it was delicious, and bought a bottle for later. Stopped in Corning before going to the Glass Museum (which is fantastic) and ate at Market Street Brewing Co, because we'd seen it elsewhere on Chowhounds listings -- pretty good. My salad greens were a little past their prime, but my veggie sandwich was really good. Nice spot to sit up on the rooftop, and another patio down on the ground floor if you are there on a sunny day. Some of our people had the sweet potato fries -- the best I've had -- very crispy. Also, had the home made potato chips -- good. If you want a good food souvenir, you might like Seneca Salt (which is about to come out in flavored options) -- from the local salt springs of Seneca Lake, apparently. It's really good, and I am enjoying cooking with it -- very nice flakes, and a pure taste. We got our containers of it at the gift shop at Watkins Glen, but it is probably available in lots of places. We went for the huge family fancy dinner at Veraisons at one of the big wineries -- it was a great location. Two of the folks had the scallops, which they really loved. Some of the folks enjoyed pork chops and other assorted dishes, but those of us getting the squash ravioli were not that thrilled -- would not order that again. I had the cheese plate, and it was good, husband had one of the soups, and the crab cake appetizer -- he said they were good. The best meal of all was at Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca. I'm a long-time vegetarian, so for me it was a big deal to go there, but went with several others who would not think of it as a sacred journey -- we all really loved it. It was not how I envisioned it, because I pictured it being a little more hippyish, which I would find charming (someone else on the Chows descriped it as crunchy sproutsy, or some such term) -- it was clean, contemporary, bright, full of art, great service, ultra fresh foods, menus change twice daily, one fish dish was on the menu, and we all tried different things and were thrilled with it all. I had the Greek combo plate, some had Navajo stew, lasagna, etc., and chocolate ricotta mousse sweetened with maple syrup for dessrt -- heavenly! The salads were really good, lots of choices of their homemade dressings. If you want one of their cookbooks, they are available in the waiting area, but it was not at all over-the-top commercial. I would give Moosewood highest ratings.
          The whole area was gorgeous -- had never been to the Finger Lakes, and would go again in a minute. The people were all very friendly. Very rural and agricultural around Keuka lake -- lots of Mennonites and some Amish in the area, so you need to watch out for the horse and buggy folks. Hope you have a great time!

          1. Not sure about local, but a decent casual restaurant that could accommodate a large party such as yours and isn't too far away would be the Ember in Livonia (~20 min away).

            It's small plates (think tapas) with a varied menu good for large groups. It's fairly popular with the locals so I would suggest calling beforehand to ensure they can accommodate your party.

            Many of the better "Finger Lake" options are further away off Keuka Lake (Dano's, Stonecat, Red Newt) all of which would be over an hour or two from where you are. Another option is to go into Rochester (~40 min away) where there are many other options.