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Jul 19, 2012 07:44 AM

How do I turn Ricotta cheese into a "zone" snack?

Whey protein has a strong positive effect on my body and I'm starting to play with ricotta cheese as a natural way to get it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for eating the stuff that results in something approximating "40/30/30" type meal?

(I realize mixing fruit in with it is an obvious thing to try, but in general I try to avoid mixing fruit and dairy.)

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  1. without any googling on my end, why can't the ricotta go on something like chicken and eggplant, with a bit of roasted garlic or tomato? ricotta is also great with sausage and peppers.

    ricotta makes for lovel, creamy, slow-cooked scrambled eggs, just add whatever veggies you need to get your ratios. greens are good here, so is broccoli.

    1. Ricotta pancakes...there are a lot of good recipes for these on low carb web sites. You can modify the fat content since you restrict it. Many use almond meal or flour and artificial sweeteners that you can avoid or sub with xylitol if you want to. Here's one:

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        Just remembered, my husband loves it plain as a dip, but you could add whatever seasoning you like to it, dip veggies in it. Also try mixing it into egg salad.