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80th Birthday dinner

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I need some recommendations for an 80th birthday dinner.

Not too pricey (Le Bernadin is out); 40s or 50s not too far east or west.

Family dinner so easy food (Italian, French) no sushi/seafood

Quiet for folks with failing hearing

A place where we will not be rushed out

Native New Yorker and parents who lived here for 40 years -- so nostalgic works too

Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. Since "not too pricey" can be viewed quite differently depending on the depth of one's bank account, It would be more helpful if you would give us your per person budget for food only.


    1. ...also, how many in your group, what day of week and how far ahead are you planning?

      1. I'm very fond of Picholine, that would work well.

        1. we took MIL to Cibo for her 70th a few years ago. 2nd & 41st...is that too far sideways?
          it was not too noisy, and the menu was broad enough so that all the picky eaters in a party of eight found something that would work.

          1. Not quite in the area for which you ask, but Scaletta (77th just east of Columbus) might otherwise fit the bill -- http://www.scalettaristorante.com/

            1. Thanks to everyone for your help. We will be 6-10 people. The event is Tuesday, Oct. 30 -- so planning in advance. My parents are staying near Grand Central, thus the 40s/50s are good.

              Will look at Picholine and Cibo. Any other thoughts??

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                  Just an observation (having suggested a place on W. 77 not at all near GCT): Your guests may not be comfortable walking more than a block or two anyway so if you are unable to plan on having your guests travel by cab from their hotel your choices may be quite limited.

                  You may want to consider Marchi's on East 31 St.: http://www.marchirestaurant.com/

                2. Kellari Taverna on 44th btw 5th & 6th Aves, a few minute walk from Grand Central, is an elegant place with great food and service, well-spaced tables and comfortable noise level even for a larger party. There is a smaller room toward that back that might work well. While they do specialize in fresh fish, they also have excellent non-fish entrees, including chicken, lamb, and steak. Depending on when you plan to eat they have a prix fixe that is an incredible bargain. It's served from 4-7PM and again from 10-12 PM: 2 courses are $31.95 per person (with wine +$15), 3 are $34.95 per person (with wine +$20). I think it would be lovely for such an occasion!