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Jul 19, 2012 07:18 AM

Recommendation for Dublin eats?

Somewhat new to Dublin (6 mo) from San Francisco! I am finding it difficult to find a restaurant that I like that isn't outrageously priced (I know Dublin is expensive...). A range of restaurants with low end, midrange and high end is what I am in need of. I got the top 100 restaurants by one of the papers, but I haven't been impressed with what is there.

I am looking for a range of suggestions...
My favorite at the moment is Dunne and Crezensci (good food, good value!), I liked Bite. Most of the other places have been over priced or just disappointing - 16 Euro for a burger that I can't even have cooked the way I prefer, or a burrito for 17 Euro?

I would like some suggestions for high end, but really am looking for solid food and good value. Something that we can take the kids out to (and we do!) or go to ourselves. A range of restaurants with low end, midrange and high end is what I am in need of. All suggestions appreciated!



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  1. Hi Denise,
    There are a few good options for good value high end eating. The lunch and Pre-theatre menus at Thorntons on Stephens Green offer stunning food at a great price (€25 / €49), but watch the extras or the bill will add up. Chapter One also offers a great value pre-theatre menu and the food is very good (though not quite at the same level as Thorntons).
    I love La Maison in Castlemarket in the City Centre. It's a little piece of Paris in Dublin and is value for good quality food and cooking.
    Outside of the city centre, Alexis in Dun Laoghaire (get the DART train) offers real quality and amazing value for money. It's child friendly during the afternoon and early evening.
    Campo Di Fiore on the seafront in Bray (also on the DART from central Dublin) offers good quality and authentic Italian food at a reasonable price. True to its italian roots, children are very welcome!
    For great Chinese food, you could try China Sichuan in Stillorgan Industrial Estate (get the Luas from Stepehens Green). Despite the odd sounding location, this is top quality Chinese food and it is not expensive for what it is.
    These are just a personal selection, but I hope it gives you food for thought.
    Happy hunting, and don't waste too much time looking for a good burrito this far from home :)

    1. Hi
      this is always a difficult topic...what is one person's value is anothers rip-off.
      And the cost of things like fish and chips or burger can vary wildly, depending on what sort of place you're in. And some items on a menu can be far better value than others. And its a small city, there's actually only a small number decent places in each price category.
      Anyhow.. Here's some places to try that I like:
      Green Nineteen
      Avoca cafes
      The Pigs Ear
      Chapter One
      Haven't been yet but the Greenhouse seems good value..

      there's plenty more, but that's it off the top of my head..

      ps in reply to Brian's post, there's no such thing as a good burrito : )

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      1. re: DublinChow

        Dear Chowhounds:

        My wife and I recently returned for a short, weekend vacation in Dublin. Thank you for the many updates and suggestions available on the various posts. Unfortunately, I could not find the original post that I extracted most of the suggestions from. Do accept this feedback in the spirit of gratitude to the original posters.

        After some reflection, I conclude that the action lies less with the Michelin restaurants but with the Bibs. While the pre-theatre menu offers value with some compromise on the latitude available to the chef to amaze you, we found Chapter One hardly spectacular and rated it among the lower 1* restaurants that we have been too.

        However, the lunch meals we had specifically at Pichet and the Pig's Ear were wonderful. 3 course set lunch meal under 25 Euros? Sign me up! Both offered bistro style fare with good local produce, that was perfectly seasoned and well executed.

        Highlights at Pichet in particular was the appetiser of Country Style Terrine, Fig Purée, Celeriac Remoulade and the main of Chicken Breast, Puy Lentils, Celeriac, Mushroom Schnitzel, Garlic Aioli. It takes an effort to make chicken a standout dish, but it was excellent. At the Pig's Ear, my wife who does not like black pudding demolished the starter of Fried Hen's Egg with Clonakility Black Pudding Crumble on Toast, Lentil Dressing. She was grinning from ear to ear as she wiped the plate clean with bread. The mains of Maurice Kettyle's Beef 'tongue n' cheek' Guinness Pie with Rosemary Roast Potatoes and Organic Spelt Pearls with Roasted Butternut Squash, Toasted Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds & Desmond Cheese are highly recommended.

        It was regretable that we were unable to find one more meal to sample the Winding Stair. In conclusion for those of you seeking value/ price point, I would avoid the * and focus on the 3 Bibs that offer good value and quality.

        1. re: blownd

          I understand your comments about Chapter One - while the food is solid and accomplished, it rarely wows and the restaurant is more famous for the front of house experience. I think this suffers a little with the time pressure on the pre-theatre (not that it's in any way bad, it's just that there isn't time for the extra little touches).
          On the other hand while the Winding Stair is popular and serves good food, the service isn't in any way special and it does get very noisy when it's busy. It's a totally different type of setup to Chapter One, and not really directly comparable. (I'm happy with not being fussed over, but I can't handle the noise).
          If there is a compromise at Thorntons on the cheaper menus, it is on portion sizes rather than quality / expense of ingredients. Grab the bread while it's going!
          Great to hear you had good meals at the Pig's Ear and at Pichet - you almost never hear of poor meals at either.