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Jul 19, 2012 07:08 AM

Best Thai Iced Tea & Bubble Tea in the Boston Area

I live in Cambridge and have wandered over to Dado for bubble tea on occasion, and it's satisfying enough, but I'm ready to branch out. This hot weather is making me crave a really good Thai iced tea or bubble tea (matcha green is a plus!). What places would you recommend in the Boston/Cambridge area?

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  1. I like Great Taste Bakery in China Town.

    1. Jack Fruit bubble tea at Pho 2000

      1. Can't remember the name of it, but the place in Chinatown next to BaoBao is AWESOME. Usually a line, but worth the wait.


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          I think you mean Dong Khan? Great stop for Vietnamese food too, but they do have a good drink selection.

          I also like the drinks-centric place that is on Harrison Ave near Eldo's Bakery. The name completely escapes me at the moment, but their bubble tea is good.

          In the Kendall Square area, Leisure Station is a franchise of a popular Taiwanese chain and they do good bubble tea and shakes. Infusions Tea Spa in Allston is also a good stopover for bubble tea in if you're in the area. I'm not a big partaker of Thai Iced Tea so I can't speak to that drink in particular at those locations.

        2. Since you're in Cambridge, you might want to try the Thai iced tea / bubble tea at the Boston Tea Stop on JFK Street in Harvard Square. Their Thai milk tea is great. I'm not a fan of Boba so I get it minus the Boba. http://www.yelp.com/biz/boston-tea-st...