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Jul 19, 2012 07:07 AM


I have some guests here from Montreal staying with us, and would like to take them to a real Texas steakhouse...any recommendations/

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  1. Easy one. Rather than spend a fortune at one of Dallas' many upscale expensive steakhouses, I'd look for a Saltgrass steakhouse or, a Texas Land and Cattle steakhouse near you.
    Both could be considered "Texas" style steakhouses.

    I'm not that familiar with Frisco but surly they'll be one or the other if not both in the Frisco area.

    1. Could you define what you're looking for in a "real Texas Steakhouse"? We have some very fine, high-end, high dollar steakhouses serving prime cuts of beef as well as some quite nice independent and chain steakhouses at lower price points. They would all qualify as Real TX steakhouses.

      If you're looking for rustic and no-frills, the Ponder Steakhouse may be just what you're looking for. Ive never eaten their steak, but imagine its choice grade. Mixed reviews. Ponder is just east Denton.

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        I have eaten their steak ... +1 for the Saltgrass idea. If you do want to spend a fortune, recommend Pappas Bros.

        1. re: CocoaNut

          We would prefer not a chain steak house and would prefer a high Texas beef.

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            There are so many wonderful prospects - D Magazine presented a "best of" list a year ago. I'd suggest reviewing the list and returning here with specific questions about one steakhouse over another. Lots of great steaks to enjoy!

            (be sure to scroll past the list to see list detail (including cost))


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              If that's the case, the two I previously recommended should now be removed from the table.
              And based on what you want as stated above, then cost be damned and go to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse! They would be my number one choice for one of the best steaks in Dallas!
              Or, go a different route and come downtown to Stephen Pyles on Ross Avenue. Their "Cowboy Ribeye" is hard to beat.

              And with all due respect to the all knowledgeable "LewisvilleHounder", I'd stay away from both the Ponder Steakhouse and, Dunston's!

          2. Not sure what constitutes a "real Texas steakhouse" anymore. I will say that Pappas Bros Steakhouse at 35 and NW Hwy is consistently the top rated steakhouse in the state, not just the area. With that rating expect to pay top dollar! Good steak: Yes! Good Wine Selection: Yes! Overpriced for the wine: Yes!

            My choice is either Ponder Steakhouse or Dunston's, hey I am cheap. You could always get an impressive steak at both. It won't be "blow your socks off" good but you won't have to recover from the sticker shock either.

            You could buy a nice cut at Central Market or Whole Foods and make an even more memorable meal at home and splurge on the wine/beer choice. Just a suggestion especially if you are planning on Friday night.

            Good luck with the traffic on Friday nights from Frisco down into Dallas.

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              I went with a group to Ponder, don't think I really ordered ... the steak I got was barely edible and overdone. I think you're saying I could do much better ordering from the menu? I think the people are lots of fun--it's a popular biker destination.

              I realize yours guests are here now, but Restaurant Week is coming up in August--the very best time to eat at a steakhouse IMO. They have to serve you steak, and at Pappas Bros. (and probably all the other high-end steak places too), what you pay for RW just about covers the menu price of the steak. Then you get other great stuff too ...