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Jul 19, 2012 06:00 AM

Chatham area suggestions for next week!

Need 2 dinners and 2 lunches in this area - must be able to accommodate one vegetarian but still offer amazing seafood choices :)

I was thinking one night at 28 Atlantic but would love some other suggestions! Lunch could be further away, but dinner should be fairly close to the Wequassett Resort.

Also - if there are any great foodie stops on the drive back up to Provincetown please let me know.

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  1. 28 Atlantic is wonderful. Impudent Oyster is a great choice in Chatham for either dinner or lunch. Hangar B at the airport in Chatham for the best b'fast (and good lunches) on the Cape. Maybe anywhere! Be sure to stop at PB Boulangerie on the way back from PTown for to-die-for french pastries and baked goods. Get there early for best selection.

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      PBS Boulangerie is on your right as you head towards Provincetown. It's probably easier to stop on your way north than to make a left turn across the traffic on Rte 6 when you are returning to Chatham.

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        Thank you - this was one of our favorite stops and well worth the wait for lunch!

    2. Not sure if you're going or coming from P'town, but don't miss the Atlantic Spice Company just at the split in Truro. If you need a clamshack fix, stop at the Friendly Fisherman on Rte 6 in Eastham. Lobster roll is the way to go. Ditto the Impudent Oyster recommendation in Chatham.

      This time of year, locals like lunch out better than dinner. Speaking as one of them. Hopefully you'll have a kitchen in your rental and can cook some fresh local seafood and produce, drink some wine and thumb your nose at the traffic, long lines and attitudes.

      1. Wholeheartedly agree with The Impudent Oyster recommendation for lunch or dinner.

        Del Mar Bistro/Chatham would be a great choice for dinner. Have always had excellent food and service. I believe they offer live jazz entertainment mid-week.

        The Corner Store is a fantastic sandwich shop in So. Chatham. Sandwiches, Paninis and 'design your own' Burritos (that would satisfy the vegetarian). Some seating but not a lot; many people grab and go. Don't be put off by the amount of cars parked on both sides of the road. Just find a place to park- the lines do move smoothly. Very popular place.

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          Thanks, I appreciate all of the input :)!

        2. Pisces for seafood... and they do have vegetarian options, too.

          1. We love the seafood pie at Marian's Pie Shop. A large one will feed four hungry people. The muffins are also good, but skip the fruit pies.