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Jul 19, 2012 05:57 AM

Ok - Out in Long Island tonight. Looking for good place, perhaps raw seafood options

oysters, clams...etc. Not too spendy.

Anything out in the Huntington vicinity?

Have car, can drive a bit.

Conversely, any South Shore options not too far east or west??


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. How far are you willing to drive? Most of what I'd consider to be the best places tend to be out on the forks - probably an hour drive, minimum, 1.5 for some depending on traffic.

      Closer to you, Limani in Roslyn is good but they're VERY pricey - I was shocked the one time I went. They'd have been pricey by Manhattan standards. Like, mid-to-high 30s for entrees like swordfish skewers and the ubiquitous sesame-crusted tuna steak. It was all fresh and good, but not for those prices. YMMV, though.

      Probably your best bets are over in the Oyster Bay area - Jack Halyard's (better) or Wall's Wharf (not bad, cheaper IIRC, great views) - maybe a fifteen minute drive or so. There's a few other places around - Riverbay in Williston Park is coming to mind, though I've only ever been there once. I find most seafood places on LI - especially the Western half - tend to have very similar menus. Classics (chowder, bisque, crab cakes, raw bar, etc) and unfortunate should-be-avoided tacked on sushi menus. Limani is one of the few that's different (they're Greek) - but like I said, I find their price:value ratio lacking. Stick with the Continental / American offerings at any of the above and you'd be fine, I think.

      1. Seafood? Try H2O in Smithtown, Mill Pond House in Centerport,. moderate to spendy. Less expensive but still tasty, The Shack in Centerport and Nicky's Clam Shack in Bay Shore (LI's best whole belly fried clams).