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Jul 19, 2012 05:37 AM

Cupcake Vendor Milford CT area

Does anyone know of a cupcake vendor that would come to our office like the ice cream truck comes weekly? Someone told me there was such a vendor in the area, but I cannot find anything online.

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    In Milford right by the beach. Give them a call and inquire.

    In East Haven and they do have a roving truck. Saw it at a private party in Stratford last week that my wife and I wanted to crash! Best Cannoli cupcakes...on Earth.


    I've yet to indulge in these.

    But...follow if you must.

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    1. re: LorenV

      Thank you so much. This must be the same cupcake place that won on the foodnetwork last year from East Haven.

      1. re: razkel

        Indeed it is.

        And success hasn't changed their attitudes or quality one bit. I thank my lovely wife for bringing [dragging] us there after they won.

        1. re: LorenV

          Sugar has a truck and they will go to office's and party's!!

          Sugar won the cupcake wars!

          1. re: jf11

            Sugar has a lovely truck and very pretty cupcakes. I tried the key lime and it was nice, but I wanted a bit more sour in either the cake or the frosting. Citrus flavor doesn't cut it for me if there are only the floral aromatic notes. But that is a personal preference, not an overall flaw.

            I still do not get this red velvet thing. Do people like the taste of excessive food coloring?

            1. re: Pipenta

              "I still do not get this red velvet thing. Do people like the taste of excessive food coloring?"

              What about natural beet coloring/flavor?

              1. re: LorenV

                I agree about the red food coloring. So will this food truck come to our office?