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Jul 19, 2012 04:11 AM

Rye, Rye, Rye...

What kinds of rye bread do you all like to eat/bake? There are more kinds than seems possible; limpa, New York deli, pumpernickel, Jewish, etc. Dark and strong, caraway or not, odd ingredients such as cocoa or coffee.....

Most people enjoy their rye bread in sandwiches; I think it makes great toast. I once made rye danish dough and then made savory reuben danish with it.

What do you like, and more importantly, have any great recipes?


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  1. I use the rye bread recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes with the addition of King Arthur's deli rye flavor. That gives me a Jewish-style rye bread. Oh, and seeds, absolutely.

    I most recently made pickled tongue sandwiches using homemade tongue, but my favorite use is for grilled cheese sandwiches.

    1. I really enjoy mini rye loaves and then make finger sandwiches from the thinly sliced dark rye, pastrami, swiss cheese, kraut and a horseradish mayo spread. Toasted lightly on a grill and served with garlic pickles.

      Like you, I enjoy rye toasted. Lox, scallions, goat cheese and dill on toasted rye is one hell of a breakfast.

      Seeded rye I often use for croutons.

      Most of the recipes I follow began at the kitchen table with my Great Grandmother Bessie. Her rye kicked ass.

      1. I eat rye almost exclusively....sandwich, toast, etc. ~~ Rye Whiskey ain't bad either. ;)

          1. There's an artisan bread bakery in our 'hood from which I buy rye. I like rye bread with caraway seeds, but since I have entered my 8th decade of life the seeds stick in my teeth. I now buy seedless rye with which I make sandwiches for lunch. The sandwiches are filled with Italian cold cuts such Genoa salami, pepperoni salami, and provolone. Why wife of 52+ years is of Italian heritage, and I'm not. The sandwiches are a combination of comestibles from 2 great cultures.