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Manhattan restaurant with parents - The Dutch?

I am coming to NYC from the UK in November; by chance I have a one night cross over with my parents. I'd like to take them for dinner. We are all quite into our food.

I have considered The Dutch as I like the look of the menu, but have heard it is quite noisy; would this be the case on a Sunday night and will it be possible to get a reservation at 1930?

Any other suggestions for something classically New York with an interesting menu?

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  1. It's a lively space but not too loud that you can't have a normal conversation. We like it overall.

    1. I would suggest The NoMad as an alternative. Request the Parlour Room.

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      1. If you can dine at 6:30pm instead of 7:30pm, and don't mind a little noise, Minetta Tavern sounds like what you want. Rat Pack era decor, great atmosphere, great food.

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          Is it impossible to get a reservation after 6:30pm?

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            Essentially yes unless you're a VIP.

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              calling a month in advance, ive gotten 8pm reservations every time at minetta.

        2. go somewhere where you can get in, sit down, and actually talk w your parents. The Dutch, Minetta etc, may be a bit of a hustle for that. I would suggest Maialino? Pretty civilized, great food, great service, no rush.

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          1. The Dutch did instal '$10,000 worth of soundproofing' this past autumn.


            1. I would love to recommend this place. After reading the review in the Times we booked a reservation for three @ 6:30.. myself, wife, and our then five year old son. We travel to the city often and like to dine out often. We arrived 15 mins. early and there were three hostesses, all rude and cold. Not sure if it was because we had a child with or not. I look into the dining room and there are plenty of open tables, and I understand these were reserved for others.. however we did not get sat until ten minutes after our reservation time.. so nearly a half hour sitting in front of three obnoxious hostesses that did nothing to make us feel like we were welcome there. We got sat and those tables mentioned were still vacant.. the place was busy, don't get me wrong. Had dinner, food was good, definitely over-priced even for a Carmelinni restaurant. We left and wanted to have a good experience, but unfortunately not. And I am not one to write a post, especially negative. But it was really unfortunate that the employees greeting and seating couldn't be more friendly.. you never get that vibe in a Danny Meyer restaurant, or for most in that service caliber. I hear their pot pie is good however.