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Where can you buy purple food dye in Montreal?

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I live in Outremont and I am desperately looking for purple food dye for some lavendar cupcakes I will be baking. But I am new to Montreal and have no idea where to get any good cake decorating equipment. A quick google search recommended Ares but all their stores are pretty far from where I live. Does anyone know any good cake decorating stores near outremont that would have purple dye?

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  1. Um, just mix red and blue until you get the hue you desire!

    1. The little kitchen supply shop on saint laurent near des pins (Nino? i forgot the name, its on the east side of the street) Have a small selection of cake decorations supply. I found gel food dye there (wich is much better then the liquid version) but be careful because its uber pigmented. I dont know if they have purple but you can also mix blue and red (or light blue and pink maybee if you want more a lavender color) like suggested above.

      1. Anatol's probably has food colouring. You can call first to check if they have purple, but as others say a little mixing of the standard colours may also work:


        1. La Soupiere on Mont-Royal has a lot of good cupcake decorating gear so they might have different food colours. I got a lot of different supplies there before having a cupcake decorating birthday party.

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            mix red and blue sounds best bet to me. Try different mixes - 2o% blue might be enough

          2. You are a short metro ride from Vixit on Henri Bourassa West at Jeanne Mance. Two floors of cake decorating supplies and equipment. Wilton does make a color called Lavender, and other purples and violets are available. good luck and please share pictures :)

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              I went on Saturday to a water park in Saint Sauveur, on the way happened to be Ares. I purchased a purple food dye. When I went to use it, it wasn't producing the desired color. I used the whole tube and all I got was pink. Turned out I bought decorating gel which is different from gel food dye. I was about to give up and just use liquid red and blue, but I decided to go to Vixit. It's an amazing store! I bought a few items including purple food dye, this time I made sure I was purchasing the right thing. So here are the results. It's a lavender-lemon buttermilk cupcake. There is lemon curd on top of the cupcake, and buttercream icing:

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                Nice, thanks for sharing. Pretty colour.