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potato salad without mayo, yogurt or sour cream

I once had potato salad that had a very fresh taste. It was served as potato salad at a restaurant. It was a potato salad I never tasted before. It seemed to have vinegar and parseley.
It didn't have mayonnaise, yoghurt or sour cream in it. It seemed very simple.
Do you know the recipe for this as I can't find it when Googled.

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  1. Search for: German Potato Salad

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      Beat me to it! German potato salad is the obvious answer. '-)

    2. I'd start with a vinaigrette you really like (either one you make well or a store bought) , boiled red potatoes, chopped fresh parsley, red or green onion, some crunchy element like celery, and then, if the taste isn't quite right, change up the dressing or the herbs.

      1. German potato salad can be served hot or cold, by the way - more often hot, in my experience.

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          Hey, thanks a lot...that must be it and thanks for the recipe, too!

        2. If you google "french potato salad" you'll find a host of recipes which are what you're looking for. Julia Child's recipe and Ina Garten's recipe on the food network - both of which are near the top of the results list - look good to me. I too love a potato salad made with a vinaigrette, and one I've been making a lot lately is Jamie Oliver's potato salad with smoked salmon and horseradish cream. However, I'm usually serving this with something else so I add sliced scallions and omit the salmon and horseradish cream. The vinaigrette is nice and light and lemony, extremely quick to make, and so delicious (alas, no parsley, but you can add it of course):


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            janniecooks...thanks so much, I'm checking it out !

          2. It's good with just a vinaigrette as everyone says, and I like to add a lot of fresh chopped herb -- whatever I've got on hand will do. Dill, tarragon, or chives are favorites. Use an olive oil that tastes really good to you!

            1. i prefer adding the vinaigrette to the still warm potatoes, and it's important to make the dressing a bit more assertive than you might normally since the potatoes are naturally so very bland.

              1. I like making it with xvoo plus sweet onion and cut little peppers

                1. I was once served a very simple salad of sliced potatoes, mint, olive oil and vinegar. I think it was basically what the cook had on hand/in the garden and it was delicious. I tried to recreate it but it wasn't quite as good, although my guests who hadn't had the original thought it was great. I suspect the "secret" may have been using well-salted water to boil the potatoes. I always dress potato salad while the potatoes are still hot.

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                    yes, well-salted cooking water makes a huge difference.

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                      I have a bunch of Eastern European cookbooks that feature variations on a simple potato salad theme. To the hot potatoes (unpeeled new potatoes that have been cooked whole and broken into large bites with a fork, add thinly sliced onions (red onions if using white potatoes and white onions if using red potatoes), a few tablespoons of white wine vinegar, mild tasting oil to coat the potatoes, generous amounts of salt and freshly ground pepper (to taste) and a chopped fresh herb, such as flat leaf parsley or dill. Let cool to room temperature and enjoy. It's really very nice and a total departure from the mayonnaise/sour cream version. It holds up well and poses no threat if unrefrigerated for outdoor summer meals or picnics. I prefer it to the creamy versions, which overpower the potatoes.

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                        Yup lots of salt because potatoes are going to absorb some of this vinaigrette. They absorb some of the salt and the salt brings out potatoes taste in any situation. Lettuce and greens salads should be light and bright meat counterpoint so need a small amount of salt

                        And unpeeled potatoes as you posted, keeps it nice and peasanty. More ethnic.

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                          More ethnic? Maybe more nutritious and colorful.

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                            "Eastern European cookbooks" is where she got the potato salad recipe and this means ethnic. As in from Moldova and Slovenia.

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                              I didn't realize they don't peel their potatoes.

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                                Only when you show up for lunch. Besides, Moldova and Slovenia were just examples. She might have been referring to Transylvania or Bulgaria

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                          1sweetpea that sounds just what I was looking for..thanks
                          I'm going to copy and paste into my recipes..

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                          julesrules, you sound just like my experience, ergo this post, thanks...

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                            I wasn't in a restaurant though, so I did have the chance to ask the cook, my friend's Italian-Canadian mother, how she made it. In fact I guessed all the ingredients, there was no secret to it, just the right balance of flavours I guess. Her DIL always says she is a great cook who makes simple things shine.

                        4. Greek potato salad! Lemon and olive oil dressing.

                          I'll come back with a recipe in a bit! :) Or search for Patatosalata. :)

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                            Do a search for Jacques Pepin's potato salad. I made it for my family & they loved it.

                          2. German, French, & Greek potato salad recipes should fit your bill. They're a major part of my potato salad repertoire. Tater salads are definitely one of my "things". :)

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                              sounds like maybe the Greek potato salad I was looking for , thanks

                              1. found a Greek one that sounds nice a nice change with cucumber, Greek yogurt, red onion, vinegar...

                                1. My favorite non-creamy potato salad is sliced boiled potatoes tossed with minced onion, chopped fresh rosemary and fresh thyme, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Lots of lemon juice is the key, and the herbs must be fresh. It is very Mediterranean tasting.

                                  1. Thanks for all your responses. I have expanded potato salad choices.