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Jul 18, 2012 08:33 PM

Central Florida Farmers Markets

Oh, I just thought I'd throw this out there although I'm positive I know the answer. Do we have anything close to a real farmers market in the area? Good produce is something I really miss from living up north and I would be so happy to find someone in the area that I could get it from!

I know there are buying groups but you're stuck with what you get and I have a weird food allergy. I'm allergic to squashes and zucchini and that means I'm usually stuck with a bunch of veggies I can't eat.

If anyone has any good resources I'd love to be pointed in that direction! I've been lucky enough to find some local farms for meat and eggs! Just gotta get that veggie and fruit thing done! :)

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  1. Where in CFL are you? let me start with a non-farmer's market just to get it out of the way. Near SoDo (I feel so fake calling it that) Orlando, there is a veggie and meat market that most people still refer to as Mom's meats and Pop's produce. They are now semi-corporate and owned by a christian organization. It's now called Fresh Field Farms. Then in Oviedo, there is a good one also, but I can't recall the name.

    Now on to your OP, a lot of the neighborhoods have saturday and sunday farmer's markets. Hunter's Creek, Winter Park, Altamonte, Waterford Lakes, Avalon Park. A little more about your location and it'll help. Also, if you ask your local Publix produce manager, they will know where their competition is.

    a couple of great blogs for orlando foodies:

    Good luck.

    1. Celebration has a decent farmers market that runs October thru May-the Hunter's Creek FM has only 1 produce vendor, though I do like them-the downtown Lake Eola FM is terrible...haven't found one I would be will to drive far for. Heard good things about College Park FM on Thrusday nights but have not yet made it. Godd luck!