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Jul 18, 2012 07:15 PM

Four days in New Orleans ...

Where do I go ?

First off, i definitely want to hit up Kpaul's and Brigtsen's and Galatoire's (hopefully that infamous friday lunch too) and

should i go to crabby jack's too for a duck po boy and blakcened redfish in the beurre blanc or is it just not worth the cab ride from my french quarter or fauburger marigny or warehouse district motel?

Where's good to go for roast beef po boys and fried oyster po boys or oyster loafes ???

And where do I go for creole italian since i haven't been in ages ???

also, where for oysters on the half shell and some beers to wash it down?

lastly, there was a joint on bourbon that half about a dozen beers on tap, i think maybe only counter seating and maybe only 20 oz plastic cups of beer, it wasn't cheap maybe definmitely over 6 or maybe 7 or even 8 bucks for a 20 or maybe it was 22 ozer ??? any clue what this place is, i remember it being on bourbon street and it was definitely not frat boy ready $1 beers of bud or abita.

one more thing, where do you for french chocolate silk pie with chantilly cream and also where for a nice slab of sweet potato pan, or pecan pie ? and where serves a great coconut cake ????

thanks a bunch.

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  1. Ill be "reasonably" brief in my reply:
    1. Never been overly impressed with KPauls, but if its your thing...their plate lunches are pretty good, if you're looking for some jambalaya
    2. Crabby Jacks, good, but not worth the trek imho
    3. For all things poboy, you cant go wrong with Parkway Bakery & Tavern - pretty easy to get to via Canal St. Car (Jeff Davis stop) - great roastbeef, and fried seafood
    4. For Creole Italian, i usually prefer Irene's in the quarter - Tommy's in the warehouse district has the same menu virtually, but i prefer the food/ambiance @ Irenes personally
    5. Cooter Browns is a great place for oysters & beer - great selection
    6. Dont know
    7. Pecan Pie - griddled @ Camelia Grill w/ Ice cream - oh yeah...& great coconut cake @ KPauls - if your mind is made up to go, have it - its tasty

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    1. re: GDPhalp

      Hard for me to disagree with anything here . . .

      1. re: zin1953

        Except the coconut cake. If you must dine there, go elsewhere for dessert, theirs are awful. Not a fan of Parkway's rb either.
        There's a list at the end of the article of the rest with the po boy joints that didn't make the top ten,

        1. re: JazzyB

          really the coconut cake at KPauls' is not good ???? I heard a lot about how great it was over the years and how it was usually a specially order, etc ?

          Also, do you happen to know what beer joint I'm referencing above on Bourbon Street though I don't have the name of it .


          1. re: kevin

            I have no idea what bar you're talking about, but if you really know of somewhere that serves $1 Abita I'd like to hear about it.