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Jul 18, 2012 06:57 PM

11 PM dinner in downtown Chicago near Park Hyatt - ideas?

have been to Gibsons steakhouse. that's the only place the concierges want to send me. was fine. anything else in walking distance open late? have been to ralph lauren place and was forgettable

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  1. Smith & Wollensky right on the river is kind of the same as Gibsons, but it was always my place when I flew in late (open till 1 AM or later on Fri/Sat):

    I've heard some good things, though not great considering the popularity, about the Purple Pig and their kitchen is open until midnight:

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      I love The Purple Pig and I am not a natural Banos fan as I dislike Heaven on Seven but The Purple Pig is deservedly popular. I could order the manilla clams and house-made chorizo with it's terrific broth several times per week. The shmear with crostini topped with foie gras mousse and membrillo (quince jam) is genius. I won't wait in lines so I eat there in off hours. That late at night within walking distance requirement is really limiting. Chicago isn't great at "late". If a cab is a possibility The Girl & The Goat serves late as do several places in the west Randolph and Fulton Market area. "Late" on weekends is better than "late" on weekdays.

    2. You're far more likely to have a memorable experience at Purple Pig than at S&W.

        1. I had to wait three hours but the purple pig was amazing!