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Seeking restaurant in Westlake general area to suit a family with diverse needs

Good evening all,

As opinionated as I have been on this forum these past few years, and much as I try all the restaurants I can- I am in a bit of a quandry and grateful for any thoughts.

In two weeks there is to be a major family dinner here in town on a Thursday night. Here are the particulars I am dealing with,

1. Not a Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant.
2. Not Italian.
3. Above average to good food
4. Not terribly expensive (ie dinner for 8 not including alcohol and tip for $250ish is ideal)
5. Fairly close (10 miles) to Barton Creek Resort and no issues parking at all (ie no trips to SoCo.)
6. Preferably offering full bar in addition to beer and wine
7. At least a few healthy selections- as in salads, simple cooked veggies, plain chicken breasts etc.
8. Not a very crowded or noisy environment- reservations or walk-in with ease (7PM Thursday meal.)

This is an important event where I need to make sure the above particulars are honored as best as possible to keep everyone happy. Food quality needs to be above average to good, but is secondary to the above concerns.

Right now best option I can think of is Hangtown Grill at 360 and Bee Cave- and it really is the ideal choice except for option 6 above.

Many thanks for any thoughts you can offer!

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  1. Zingers at Hill Country Galleria is pretty good and would seem to fit your requirements.

    1. What about the Lion & Rose?

      1. Jack Allen's? It meets everything except for #8 I think. I guess #7 could be debatable as well but they do have a few healthy options, they just tend to be seasoned fairly well.


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          They have a private room that would be ideal; and food is WAY better than burgers at Hangtown

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            ssouth- thanks for the recommendation! This is where we ended up going when I emailed everyone the menus of possible contenders and I was VERY impressed. A few of us did the chicken fried steak, ribs and pork chop "family style" and all three were excellent- with the pork being particularly well cooked and not the least bit overdone.

          2. Izumi Sushi next door to Hangtown is quite tasty and has good bento boxes as well as sushi. Not sure about the full bar, though.

            1. What about Eleven Plates? I think that fits all your criteria.

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                Eleven Plates would get my vote as well.

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                  Wow- thanks all for the great replies! These all look like good choices. I have downloaded the menus and distributed to get a final vote. Many thanks!

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                    Buenos Aires out in the Galleria would also fit the bill.

                2. You may also want to consider Trento. You said no Italian, but they hgave lots of other stuff on the menu and really cater to groups including a private room as well.

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                    Private room? Gee Amy you must think we are picky or something :)

                    Thanks for the added suggestion- will pass it along for the vote. Between all the choices I think all will go well.

                  2. I have had good experiences at Texas Land and Cattle. Their sirloin wedge salad and a Bombay martini make me happy and don't break the bank.

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                      I second Texas Land and Cattle. I really like their chicken sandwich (without the cheese) and I'm not the type to generally get a chicken sandwich anywhere. Their smoked sirloin (I think that's it) is also really good... I find it to be one of the better chain options. We took my inlaws there because my father in law is impossible to please and he liked it.

                    2. And even though I generally hold to the Austin preference for local, nonchain options, is there a nonchain steakhouse option? BTW if the OP had not started the list of criteria with no Mexican, my hands down first choice would be Las Palomas.

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                        I am fond of Las Palomas. My only nit is I wish they would make their own tortillas- it sticks out given the generally high quality of everything else. But it doesn't stop me going back!

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                          Good point. I lunched at Angie's today and her corn tortillas are sooooooo good.

                        1. re: addlepated

                          I was there the last day for one last batch of onion rings. Sorry to see it go. When I was not in the mood to make salad, I would get theirs and add my own chicken.