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Jul 18, 2012 05:39 PM

Icy coffee drinks somewhere downtown

I was looking for some kind of icy blended coffee drink. Like a frappucino I suppose but made with real milk, coffee etc and not just a mix. I ended up with a Vietnamese coffee milkshake from Bao Noodles on St Marks. It was very very good but I'm still looking for something icy rather than actual ice cream.

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  1. Why not just iced coffee with milk?

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    1. re: loratliff

      I have iced coffee with milk every day in the summer. For some reason in yesterday's heat I felt like something more decadent!

      1. re: Aimee

        Understandable. Curious to hear if anyone suggests anything that sounds good (and doesn't come from Starbucks)!

    2. I don't know how it is now, but a couple of years ago i had the best ice chocolate drink ever, altough house made not far, i still dream about that one.. It was at Marie Belle to take, while the "chocolady" shop service was "not to my liking" at all, the ice drink was exceptionally good and the coffeeshop staff person very nice . Not exactly the cofee drink you talk about, and for sure pricey compared to stuff you may get elsewhere in the city. But worth trying for sure..

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      1. I like the shakerato at Taralli e vino and at Ballaro. (It's still ice coffee, but shaken and put in a martini glass). You may want to try the coffee drinks at DeRobertis - they're made with their housemade chocolate granita (sorbet) and are refreshing and delcious. I haven't gotten one for ages - I figured out how to approximate them at home since the quality of the drink was uneven depending on who was working there.