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Picky Eaters/Business Dinner Near El Segundo

Hi All -

New to the LA board, but have done a lot of reading/research. Coming to town for 3 days with my husband, and one night will be a business dinner with 2 very picky eaters. Our two nights alone we are planning to go to either Gjelina/ Manhattan Beach Post and also Izakaya Bincho. The third night we need place to go with my husbands colleagues - they only eat american food, and don't like tapas style. We are stay at a Residence Inn in El Segundo (El Segundo & Sepulveda), and hoping for something close by. Any suggestions besides the chain restaurants in the area? I know Fleming's is nearby and always a quality meal, but anythiing more unique/local? Salt Creek Grille and Tin Roof Bistro both seem to have a pretty simple menus, are any of these a suitable choice? The dinner will be semi-casual (coming right from the office) - not trying to impress any clients or do any shmoozing.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Even though it's a chain I really like Houston's in Manhattan Beach and it's just minutes from your location. Upscale and good American food. Steaks, salads, Fish and excellent ribs.

    I like Paul Martin's American Grill in El Segundo. Very simular to Houston's my first choice.

    Also you will really enjoy MB Post, One of my favorites in all of LA. Wonderful food.

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      And Rosecrans Avenue is actually the southern border of El Segundo, and just a few minutes from your hotel. I would echo wienermobile's comments and add your own input as to Fleming's, but one of the 4 should work nicely for your needs.

      Houston's always does a classy, corporate job, in a very friendly, casual way.

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        Houston's is a nice idea but I don't know if they've changed their "no reservations" policy? If not it could be a long wait as busy as they get.

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          Yes they now do take reservations. And I personally make them there frequently. Mr. Wienermobile party of 3.

    2. Tin Roof is pretty good but I would give an edge to Paul Martin's as between the two, both for food and ambience. You might also take a look at American Farmhouse Tavern, down Sepulveda Blvd, just below Manhattan Beach Blvd.--really nice rendition of Santa Maria style cooking. Salt Creek is eminently missable.

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        We like Paul Martin's as well, but it's huge and gets kinda loud in there.

      2. Wow, being from Las Vegas I'm not used to such quick responses. Thanks very much for the feedback, sounds like it's between Fleming's (I have a soft spot since I worked at a Fleming's in college), Houston's or Paul Martin's. Will save the fun stuff for out other 2 days.

        1. I recently had a friend who was in El Segundo for business and we took him to Paul Martin's because he is a Picky Eater with a capital P and a capital E. He does like beer, though, so I think that their selection helped a lot. It doesn't have the feel of your typical chain, if that helps. Business casual attire is perfect.

          1. You might take a look at Second City Bistro. Its been awhile since I've been there, but I remember it as being fine, and its in a part of El Segundo that has a lot of local character, as opposed to the Fleming's/Salt Creek Grille?Tin Roof settings (commercial malls). The type of food fits the bill.


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              Second City Bistro is in our regular rotation. The menu isn't huge but we like what they have and the wine list is more than respectable. The street is quiet, it never gets too loud, and the service is always competent.

            2. Don't know if you have already been & gone but ... I am on business in El Segundo a lot (from San Diego) and have really enjoyed "Farmstand" (downtown El Segundo on Main).


              Urban Country Food is their cuisine - so it might not be what you are looking for in terms of higher end (certainly not fine dining). Thursday is normally the best day (IMO) since El Segundo has a nice famer's market. Wine & beer list is 'so so' but food has always been yummy!

              Good luck and safe travels!

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                respectfully disagree with the recommendation of Farmstand on main in el segundo.
                since they are located so close to where i live, i end up getting dragged there periodically.

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                  Hi WSG,

                  I wrote the opinion, unfortunately before I went to dinner at Farmstand that night, so I am updating my original recommendation of Farmstand based on the meal there later that evening - food was horrible. I am now in complete agreement with you so thanks for replying.

                  Had the meatballs as an app and they were dense and not floavor. Additionally the chicken dish was overcooked/dr/tasteless and the vegetables were destroyed (way, way overcooked).

                  After the server asked how things were - I told them exactly what I thought. At that point she brought the food to the cook and he laughed it off (not a smart move since the kitchen is open and I saw everything).

                  An hour later, after getting a manager in to tell him what I had experienced and witnessed I left. In fairness they did try to comp the dinner but I refused and just let them know I wouldn't be back again.

                  Sorry for the post prior to eating as it had been a year or more since I had last eaten there.



              2. We ended up at Paul Martin's and it was a big hit - thanks for the recommendations!

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                  Thanks for reporting back...glad you enjoyed your meal.