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What's your flavor profile?

What's your "flavour profile"? According to British Airways, I'm an "acerbic adventurer" ...


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  1. Chocolate OR bacon is NOT a fair choice to have to make!

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      Coffee OR Wine is NOT a fair choice to make either!

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        I was JUST going to write that, babette! But I made a choice.

        Looks like I'm a "Sugar 'n' Spice". "Nice with a side of naughty, that’s your style. The frisson of the sweet jostled against the bold. Pretty please with a cherry and a chilli on top. We craft our dishes to please this discerning palate of yours, taking you on a culinary Odyssey through the spiced and iced, the sweet with the street, the truffle to the trifle, and everything nice."

      2. Gastronaut here, whatever that means.

        According to British Airways, "At 30,000 feet you lose 30% of your tastebuds." And here I thought it was the airline food.

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          It does seem like a convenient excuse.

          It seems the 30% number actually came from a study done by Lufthansa -- see this article in Wall Street Journal from 2010: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001...

        2. My results:

          Briny BonBon Vivant

          Not for you the treacly and the saccharine. You’re not against romance, you just don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Your mouth waters for all things zesty, for anything that gives food a kick. Like you, we bow to the power of sour…with a dash of salt. We artfully incorporate flavoured vinegars in many of our dishes. Because as every savvy chef knows, it’s a touch of acid that brings food to life.

          1. I, too, am an acerbic adventurer.

            They kind of lost me in the end notes under "Bitter", when the text read "Oh yeah, broccoli rabe is too bitter, so we add sugar to it."


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              How about the concept of using Parmesan (as "umami"... GOD, I'm soooo sick of that word) "to boost flavour without salt" !?!?!?!?!! LOL! Pamesan basically IS salt, with a little aged mucus thrown in.

              I'm an Epicurean Explorer. I knew I would one day get slapped with a label like that when I started asking my Mom for Campbell's Scotch Broth instead of Spaghetti-O's....

              1. re: staughton

                Very high glutamate levels in Parmesan - hence the umami.

                Following page is from a site called the "Umami Information Center" -- which I gather won't be in your list of "Favorites"!

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                  Thanks. Actually, I have no objection to the "umami" part of the taste spectrum; in fact, I like most all foods that qualify as "umami". It's just a currently overused buzz-word. I can see tomatoes and mushrooms or even green tea and other umami foods used in lieu of salt, but to name something as loaded with actual SALT as Parmesan cheese "to boost flavour without salt" is a little silly.

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                    True.. though the real Parmigiano-Reggiano has a lot less salt than the ersatz stuff.

            2. According to them, I am a Savoury Character

              "Your mantra is the hotter, the spicier, the better. You prefer your beef skewered, your cod glazed with miso, your penne nestled in a bed of earthy portobellos. You’ve got a million fragrant flier miles. You stared down the ghost chili and survived. For that, you deserve a supremely palatable pork pie and other delectable Height Cuisine delicacies."

              Funny, I do not like skewered beef and I am not a huge fan of Miso glazed Cod. Nor am I some sort of Chili head, though, I do like Chilis.

              1. I'm a Savoury Character too, which seems like a pretty good description, although I do find it amusing that the description states that I like spicy foods when there were no options in the little quiz that were spicy. Also, the pairings were somewhat ridiculous - I could never really choose between olives and cashews, or chocolate and bacon (heaven forbid!).

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                  Right, there were not any questions involving spicy foods. And, again, this was, obviously, all for fun. However, it does make you wish that someone develops some sort of advanced survey where you are not forced to choose between wine and coffee, or bacon and chocolate.

                2. I took it again, choosing the opposite choice from my first time on the ones where I really liked both equally, and got Seasoned Traveller: You are full of whimsy, with an appetite for culinary adventure. The world is your oyster, your potato crisp, your beef bourguignon. Like you, our cuisine travels from the Old World to the New. Or vice versa. Artisanal cheeses, award-winning wines, and locally sourced fish, meats and vegetables — all are chosen to withstand the rigors of altitude, and the demands of your palate.

                  What the hell does all of that even mean?

                  1. This thread prompted me to open the e-mail from British Airways I had ignored.

                    I'm a savory character. I choose chocolate once and bacon the second time and remained -
                    a savory character.

                      1. I am a Spicy Stalker

                        On the census you describe yourself as a person of mixed taste. Why? Because you seek out the wilder, edgier side of the edible world. You are not daunted by dandelion greens and root vegetables wrested from the earth and served with a side of regret. At 30,000 feet, it's the gastronomical, palatable equivalent of a trapeze artist without a net.

                        The numbers don't add up well for me though, I am below average on salty foods and sweet foods according to the survey. My fiancee would disagree with that to the highest degree. I am well above average on bitter which is pretty accurate for my palate and probably also my general character my fiancee might also say :P

                        1. I'm a savoury character with a million fragrant flier miles. I like the little thingy with all the flavors and my face in the middle, hehe...
                          I do have to say that on international flights, a lot of the "fragrances" I encounter do not come from things I care to eat :/

                          1. "You're a Sugar 'n Spice

                            Nice with a side of naughty, that’s your style. The frisson of the sweet jostled against the bold. Pretty please with a cherry and a chilli on top. We craft our dishes to please this discerning palate of yours, taking you on a culinary Odyssey through the spiced and iced, the sweet with the street, the truffle to the trifle, and everything nice."

                            But it doesn't MEAN anything!

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                            1. re: Rilke

                              "But it doesn't MEAN anything!"

                              That's what the von Trapp children said to Maria.

                              1. re: LindaWhit

                                I know, that was an intentional reference ;-)

                                1. re: Rilke

                                  I figured as much. I practically have that movie memorized, so when I wrote it, I was saying it in my brain as Brigitta said it. ;-)

                            2. I'm a Syrupy Seafarer. Not sure I like the sound of that.

                              You’re heavily invested in attempting to cross pineapple and ham, but beneath your sea-salt-encrusted exterior beats a heart of caramel. You’re a plague of chocolate-covered grasshoppers and a miraculous rain of crunchy frogs. You’re truly democratic... salt or sugar? You’ll take both in your tea, please.

                              Funny, I don't drink tea and can't stand sugar in my coffee.

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                              1. re: gaffk

                                I took it again, selecting the other options for my toss-ups (wine\coffee, chocolate\bacon, lemons\potato chips--what an odd trade-off that last combo is). This time I was a Gallavanting Gourmet.

                                Omnivore doesn’t cover it. Animal, vegetable, mineral, all fear you. Your mouth is a black hole, a destroyer of edible worlds. And what’s with all the gallivanting? You couldn’t prance once in a while just to mix things up? You couldn’t throw in a caper or two? Speaking of capers, you really must try the bruschetta.

                              2. Sour Samarai! Gotta put that on a t-shirt!

                                1. Those were tough to choose. For me they were either both or neither except coffee/wine since I don't drink coffee.

                                  I'm a 'Salty Shaker,' which I knew already ;p