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Jul 18, 2012 12:28 PM


So one of my favorite things to eat is guacamole, I went to Cheese Cake Factory and tried their guacamole rolls or egg rolls and it was delicious. (live in Houston) if youguys would tell me your favorite guacamole dishes from restaurants I'd love to hear it so I can try it :)


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. A great many Mexican restaurants in Houston have a guacamole cart that comes around to the tables, and somebody stands there and makes guacamole to your exact order. You tell them just what you want in it, and how much. So you can have it really "limey," for example, or not so much. Lots of "heat" or none. Plenty of cilantro, or tomatoes, or onions, or leave them out entirely.

      That's the best.

      But, also, although it's not guacamole, Pho Dien, a Vietnamese noodle house on Bellaire, makes a killer avocado smoothie.

      And their pho is pretty dang good, too.

      1. An excellent source for guacamole (though I can't fathom why one doesn't just make it at home since it only consists of mashed avocado, salt to taste and garlic powder to taste) are the larger H.E.B. grocery stores, example, the one on Dunlavy.