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Sweet Indulgence in Millbrae

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Just ran across this photo again, taken last year at Sweet Indulgence dessert shop in Millbrae.

Can't recall the exact name, maybe Macau pudding? In any case it's a cheesecake of sorts with layers of very fine-grained cookie crumbs between the milky strata of creamy mango pudding. I enjoyed it very much with a cup of hot tea. If you go there, order it.

Sweet Indulgence
298 Broadway Millbrae, CA 94030‎
(650) 697-2998

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  1. Hmm. It has been years since I've had serradurra, or Macanese sawdust pudding. Don't suppose they also had a plain flavor?

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      Thank you, never heard of serradura before nor sawdust pudding, but the name is quite apt.

      This wasn't strong on mango, close to plain creamy stuff.