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Jul 18, 2012 11:52 AM

Wine Enthusiast as a source for wine refrigerators: nightmare getting warranty service

As part of a kitchen renovation, I decided to install a small, two-zone wine fridge, to save me frequent trips to my cellar. I decided upon a well-reviewed model by Nfinity and my contractor ordered it from Wine Enthusiast, installing it according to specifications provided by the manufacturer.

Four months after installation, the fridge started emitting a squealing sound and then stopped cooling. That's where my nightmare began: despite frequent calls to Wine Enthusiast's customer service number, with each call concluding with a promise that a service tech would call me to schedule a visit to repair it, I never received such a call. Ultimately, I asked to speak with a supervisor, who offered to replace the fridge at a reduced shipping charge. I agreed and he took my credit card number and assured me I would get a phone call from the delivery service/installer within three days. No such call has been received. It has been nearly three weeks since my original call.

Has anyone else purchased a fridge from Wine Enthusiast and required repair or replacement? How was your experience at getting your unit repaired or replaced?

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  1. My odyssey, described above, has only gotten worse. After numerous phone calls, I finally received a replacement fridge from Wine Enthusiast. Although the carton was intact and, apparently undamaged, when the fridge was removed from the carton, a corner of the door had been dented and a shelf installed at an single, rendering the unit unusable.

    Again, repeated calls to WE went unreturned. Ultimately, when I asked for a full refund, since I no longer had any faith in Nfinity or in WE, I was flatly refused.

    If you are shopping a wine fridge, buy U-Line, Marvel, Sub-Zero, Viking or any reputable brand. You will spend a bit more money than if you buy from Wine Enthusiast, but, I assure you, both the product and the service after the sale will be so much better.

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      If you paid with a credit card, challenge the transaction with them.

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        Thought of that already. It was purchased by my contractor, who paid for it with a debit card.

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          Sounds like the contractors problem then.

    2. This sounds like terrible experience. I agree that the contractor is at fault too, they should learn to be more responsible with their purchases. I bought a 24 bottle wine enthusiast cooler from Costco, exactly because I read reviews of units making horrendous noise after a while. This is exactly what mine does now. I wanted to contact Wine Enthusiast to see if they can ship me some spare fans, but they a re Mon-Fri type of company. I will simply bring the unit back to Costco and buy an other one. Costco would also arrange and pick it up for free if I can not get to their warehouse. I think they are second to none in terms of customer service and returns.