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Jul 18, 2012 11:48 AM

Buying fresh seafood/produce in or near N. Myrtle Beach

Any tips on seafood markets for fresh shrimp or farm stands around North Myrtle? We rarely go in summer, but the few times we have, I've felt stuck shopping at Kroger. (We'll also be going through Calabash on the way down, but on our last times there, I've not seen anyone selling shellfish off the boats there anymore.)

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  1. Funny you asked; just discovered on my first day visiting: Bay Naturals in the area of 79th street and King's Highway at the north end of Myrtle Beach (non North Myrtle proper, I'm told)--they have fresh organic produce in the back but you have to ask bc of the Food Lion in the same shopping's next to the Stein Mart. I've only bought shelf-stuff there so far, but the family friend whose house we are in says the food in the small cafe is very good. We bought fresh shrimp (9.50/lb for large) and butterbeans (shelled, $5.50) from a shacky place in North Myrtle, too--local blueberries, tomatoes, okra, all are there w/ reasonable prices: will get back w/ name shortly

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      Thanks! I actually know exactly where the Stein Mart is, so this is great to know about. Will look forward to hearing about the produce/shrimp spot too.

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        to answer my own question--we found Mike's Produce--one in Windy Hill part of N Myrtle, and another on Lake Arrowhead Road a few miles south of that. Great shrimp one night, really good bay scallops the next (from Holden Beach). Good tomatoes and some other produce, though price of some of it seemed high (like for peaches). The Windy Hill one, Mike said, is open nearly year-round, except for late November-early January.

    2. Yes, exactly--I tried to post again while we were in Myrtle Beach, but couldn't get feeble wifi going the last days, nor get iphone to accept my post; it was Mike's Produce (at 40th on the right side before you get to Atlantic Water Sports.) In fact, while trying to get the exact address to provide, discovered that on Google maps street view, it is represented as Golf Ball Outlet---but it's the same building- just checked it.
      Subsequently, we were advised to try Eugene Pratt's Seafood (1108 Sea Mountain Highway, 29582)-- and the fresh seafood was gorgeous. It's another 15 minutes-- more if you go during heavy traffic times, but had great prices for cleaned and uncleaned shrimp, grouper, scallops, snapper, oysters and so on. They also sell produce (didn't look into) and fishing supplies/equipment. Anyway, sorry for the delay-glad you found decent options!